Day 1150: Around

Around now, in the morning, is when I write and post my daily blog.

For the past two days, I’ve been around New York’s Time Square, attending a conference around lots of other group therapists.

For around a week I’ve been getting around four hours of sleep a night. Last night I got around two additional hours, which will help me get around better.

Yesterday, I spent around eight hours with a group of people who want to get around barriers to expressing themselves fully through music, drama, and art, especially when they are around judgmental audiences.

Around the half-way point  yesterday, I stood up in the group of around eight people and  sang out with loud, round tones:

I am a singer!

… and received a round of applause.

Around 5:45 PM, I left Times Square to spend the night with a friend from high school, whom I’ve known for around 52 years.  In around two hours, I’ll be attempting to get around by subway back to the group therapy conference, for another round of healing around the same group of therapists/performers I met yesterday. It might be raining around the time I leave, but I have a round umbrella to help me get around.

Here’s around eight photos of round things I noticed around me, yesterday,  as I was getting around:









Around this point in my blog posts, I get around to asking for a round of comments.

Stop by tomorrow for another round of this blog,  which will probably take around five minutes to read.

Of course,  I always get around to a round of thanks to my around 3,000 readers — including you! — for coming around here today.

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38 thoughts on “Day 1150: Around

  1. A round of applause to you Ann.

  2. hotel carpeting – in some chains it’s the same around the world “-)

  3. I would buy a round for you if I were there. A round of coffee probably. 🙂

  4. I think you have been trading sleep for some very unique and enriching experiences, Ann. Your days are full and full of possibilities. Does this remind you of your life around eighteen years ago when you had a newborn?


    O Ann, Ann! Wherefore art thou Ann..

  6. I love that clock!!

    • That round clock was hanging around in a wonderful hotel, the Ameritania, which is around an 8 minute walk from Times Square.

  7. When I was five or six my grandfather gave me a wooden disk with “TUIT” printed on it. He said, “Give that to anyone if you ask ’em to do something and they say they’ll do it when they get around to it.” I don’t know if humor is learned or genetic but I think he and I shared a way of seeing things.
    Admittedly I also felt a little guilty because I was, and still am, a terrible procrastinator, and if there was anyone who needed a round tuit it was me.

  8. I’m getting around to one of my favourte things after getting around to writing my blog. Reading yours.

    Glad I got around to it sooner than later!

    Now, I’m getting around to getting around to getting ready to greet my day in the world around me. 🙂

    • I should get around to your terrific blog more often, Louise. It’s always an honor and a pleasure when you get around here.

  9. Ann, don’t wear yourself out. You are so busy, busy, busy. But it sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I must go get ready to go off to work to earn my honest crust (as my dear old Dad always says). Have a wonderful day!!!!!!

  10. Paul S

    You paint a vivid picture of the New York I’ve never seen.
    One fine day I’ll make it there!

  11. Carol Ferenc

    Always fun reading your amazing blog, Ann. You do get around.

  12. I’m feeling tired. That’s a lot of getting around Ann. 😎

  13. There seems to be two meaning about “round” – one is about approximation and the other is about coming around or loop shape. This makes my thoughts going round and round…

  14. Glad I was around for this post Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  15. For some reason this song came to mind reading your post, up, down, around and painted ponies!

  16. I’m between singing I get around by The Beach Boys and Around the World by Daft Punk. And buying you a lifetime supply of coffee.

  17. 3,000 readers! That’s a good round number

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