Day 1148: Prizes

While I didn’t get a  call-back “red card” at yesterday’s try-outs for “The Voice” in Philadelphia, there are many prizes in my life.  These prizes include:

  • My son,  Aaron, turning 18 tomorrow!
  • My other family members.
  • My boyfriend Michael, turning humor and caring into gold, wherever he goes.
  • My friend Jeanette, who lives in Philadelphia.


Developing the Whole Performer: Cultivating Artistry through a Unique Group Therapy Model.

Being a musician, artist, or performer is a demanding process fraught with inherent challenges. Explore a potent group therapy model for supporting artistic expression while facing what inhibits excellence. This institute integrates mindfulness practices, performance exercises, and group process to assist artists in achieving peak performance. (Applicable to musicians, performers, and creative souls. Instruments and creative means are welcome.)

  • Every moment of precious life.
  • These photos I took recently:













It’s a mighty prize and a mighty privilege writing for you all.  Many thanks to all the prizes in my life, including you!

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52 thoughts on “Day 1148: Prizes

  1. Great post! But, you did wake up famous! And clearly not late!
    I love all your gifts. Your blog is a prize for middle of the night insomniacs. 😀

  2. Happy birthday in advance to Aaron. Eighteen! Imagine!

  3. Such a wonderful trait to be grateful. You are indeed a winner Ann.

  4. Deb

    Sorry you didn’t get through,but the gratitude spirit you have is amazing! Congratulations on being awesome.

  5. You are a winner in my book Ann- having the courage to get out there and audition is no small thing. As one of your photos says: You are mighty! 🙂

  6. I agree with Lisa — you are a winner in every way! And mighty too.

    Love the photos so much I can’t decide which is my favourite!

  7. Thank you for this mighty doze of gratitude today Ann. Its a winner💛

  8. When I saw the subject “Prizes” I thought of an English teacher who had a sign in her classroom that said, “The only thing you need to know about awards is Mozart never won one.”
    You’ve made me completely rethink that with this reminder that life’s prizes come in many forms, and that “prize” is also a verb.
    And here’s an early happy birthday to Aaron. Being born is a big prize in itself.

  9. I recognize the street where Cake is located. Where you there this weekend? I live a few blocks away! Did you visit Cake? It is very cool inside with all the plants. The conference sounds spectacular.

    take care,

    • Hi, Linda! I was nearby, with my friend Jeanette on Saturday, eating at the Green Soul Restaurant. Cake was closed because of a private party. I’ll just have to come back sometime! It’s a prize to me knowing that I was in your neighborhood.

  10. Janet H

    Hi Ann! The Voice are a bunch of putzes (putzi?)–you’re a star in every universe. Congrats on trying out, a major accomplishment in this scaredy cat’s book. Can hardly believe Aaron is the big 1-8. Wish him a happy birthday from us. xxo….

  11. Congratulations to you for Aaron and Happy Birthday to him

  12. jwoodruf2015

    Happy Birthday to Aaron!!!

  13. I watched Rocky 3 yesterday so the Philly cushion shot was nicely timed 🙂

  14. I love the “Developing the whole performer” description for the group therapy conference. What a great prize to travel sharing your gifts with people!

  15. Ann,
    The greatest prize is in the opportunity. How many can say that.
    A great effort my friend.

  16. Carol Ferenc

    Anyone that could put herself out there like you did is a winner in my book, Ann. You are mighty!

  17. Even though you must have been disappointed (and I am disappointed for you) I love that your photographs are uplifting and inspirational (and some are pretty funny!)

  18. Cake! What a great picture, with the sign and the lights and the dark street. So glad you had some celebrating after the adventure …

    • We did celebrate, but not with Cake — it was being used for a private party. I’m glad you prized that photo and, as usual, I am grateful for the prize of your visit.

  19. Those are precious prizes and I think they are more than any trophy.

  20. You are a mighty writer, and The Years of Living Non-Judgmentally is your Voice.

  21. You have such a wonderful eye for photography and such a wonderful outlook on life. So what if you didn’t make callbacks..look at how much you DID see and learn and experience? Tomorrow is always a chance to add to your ever changing life story! And in my book that’s a winner!

  22. You are indeed blessed with so much good in your life! Makes me happy, too!

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