Day 1147: The results are in ….

I didn’t get a call back from my audition for “The Voice” today, but neither did lots of great singers.

I let my voice ring out with no sound of nervousness.

One highlight of the experience: when I was in the “holding area” with hundreds of other people, a young woman came up to me and said, “I really like your jacket and your energy.”

Here are  three photos for this bonus post of “The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally.”


All the best to my readers and use your voice!

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74 thoughts on “Day 1147: The results are in ….

  1. I’m calling for an encore!


    (And a video of the encore would be fabulous!) I admire your get up and go get it attitude!

  2. I give you credit for even putting yourself out there! Great job!

  3. You look great and I bet your energy was off the charts. Go try again next season 😉

  4. I love that you let your voice ring out Ann, never stop letting your voice ring out! ❤
    Diana xo

  5. brava!

  6. I really like your jacket and your energy, too. What an amazing (and to me, terrifying) experience. I can hardly believe you have done all this today and I am still in bed.

    I am so inspired by you. You rock! (or pop, or jazz, or swing, what have you).

  7. I was hoping for a photo! Beautiful!! Congratulations on your adventure🎶🎶🎶🎶💗💗💗💗

  8. Very well done. You look good, and at least you won’t have face the cut-throat stages

  9. I hope it was a positive experience and there is always “next time”. In the words of an old, Chinese proverb… Fall down seven times and get up eight. Now you will have more time to use your energy for other pursuits of happiness.

  10. you’ll always be
    a star, Ann!
    and there’s always
    voice machine messages 🙂

  11. Aw, I’m sorry you didn’t get that callback, Ann! Love the photo of you and your jacket, both with very good energy. ❤ ❤

  12. Well done, call back or not. Just signing up and going to the auditions was an experience you can look back on with pride.

  13. There’s always next time!

  14. Wow, I like your jacket too. What a bummer you didn’t get a red card, but you should have received one just for having the guts to go and audition. What a great adventure!!!! And we got to come along with you. Have a wonderful, stress-free day!!!!!

  15. Their loss!

  16. Still, very brave of you to try. Next time!

  17. Carol Ferenc

    Aw, shucks! They should have called you back just because you look so great 🙂

  18. I’m sure they have no idea what they just let slip away.. Rock on!
    Love your whole look too!

  19. Regardless of the result, I think you have done great.. The experience of the whole think and I am sure you enjoyed it too. You also look great, by the way.

  20. Yay. Go Ann, you are an inspiration. 🙂

  21. Oh well such is life

  22. Wow! You look great! I’m glad you had a good experience with this and are feeling satisfied with your try-out. Rest in the accomplishment.

  23. You look terrific, how elegant Ann, my favorite blogger. You know what? You can record an album, yes!! Record an album and sell/or distribute to friends.

  24. This is such an accomplishment on so many levels Ann!
    Good for you!
    Inspiring to us!
    Let our voices by heard and our hearts be open 😍

  25. You are so brave. I’m not sure I could have sung without a sound of nervousness. Well done, Ann.

  26. Even though you didn’t make it to the next round it was still a huge accomplishment. Congrats!

  27. Way to go, Anne. It would have been a tragedy to always wonder “What if?” without knowing the answer. For the rest of your life you’ll know that you had the courage to go for it. That’s a great gift you gave to yourself.

  28. Congratulations!! Love the jacket!!! love your hair!!! Love your energy!!!


    Oscar, the results are in, yay! Oscar, are you there!

  30. So sorry you didn’t get through! I know the feeling – these days there seems to be far too much competition in every creative arena.

    • There was no getting through the competition for that last day of auditioning for the fall season of “The Voice,” Annabelle, except for one person out of hundreds (as far as I could see). But that experience is going to let me get through to more confidence in performing elsewhere, I know.

  31. jwoodruf2015

    I’m sorry, Ann ☹ but am ridiculously proud of you that you did it!!! ☺

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  33. Oh, Honey! You’ve got Style!!!! I never would have guessed this Gorgeous Persona with a Gorgeous Voice (my keyboard just tried to type Vice, twice!) was lurking behind your Gravatar. You go, Girl!

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