Day 1147: The City of Love

Philadelphia means the “The City of Brotherly Love.”

[William] Penn named the city Philadelphia, which is Greek for brotherly love (from philos, “love” or “friendship”, and adelphos, “brother”). As a Quaker, Penn had experienced religious persecution and wanted his colony to be a place where anyone could worship freely.

Yesterday, I saw lots of love in Philadelphia.

Which photos do you love, brothers and sisters?

Today, I’m going to the Open Call audition for “The Voice” at the Philadelphia Convention Center.  I’m expecting to encounter a LOT of musical love in all the hundreds and hundreds of people trying out there.

After I sing, I’ll either receive a “Red Card” for a call-back or I won’t.  Either way, I’ll show twice as much daily love as usual here at this blog, by putting up a second post with the results.

And no matter what the outcome, I resolve to show and feel the same amount of love towards myself and to others.

Show your love in a comment, if you choose. And love to all who read this blog.


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24 thoughts on “Day 1147: The City of Love

  1. I love your courage

  2. The city of love shows my favorite blogger Ann smiling. Enjoy today! ❤️

  3. Love them all, Ann. Love and luck to you today!

  4. Look like you had fun there. Have even more fun at the audition. Good luck!

  5. love these photos of the city of love! a head stand on the subway? amazing! break a leg!

  6. Love is all that matters. You already won if you practice love daily. ❤ to you and your voice, ❤

  7. Good luck 🙂

  8. Jeanette

    You make Philly look like an awesome place!

  9. Thank you for sharing love from the city of love, I hope you love the rest of your trip.

  10. Please let it be a red card, please, please, please because that would be so stinking cool if my friend Ann received a red card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS. I like the wire bird things in the plaza.

    • That would have been truly stinking cool, SD. But the wire birds and other lovely things (like your comments) make life pretty stinking cool, anyway.

  11. Carol Ferenc

    I love that you’re following your dream, Ann. And I love the lovely tour of Philly. Wishing you love and luck today.

  12. I heard they were lined up around the whole convention center. What an amazing experience this has been for you Ann!
    It takes strength to overcome fear and there. It’s takes real courage to share what is now known. ❤️

    • There were SO many people there, Val. And so few people got call backs. But it was a wonderful experience to share with so many others who truly loved singing.

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