Day 1146: My voice

I’m trying out for “The Voice” tomorrow, so I’d like to write about my voice today.

My voice is:

  • loving,
  • soothing,
  • delicate,
  • strong,
  • shaky,
  • powerful,
  • modulated,
  • emotional,
  • high,
  • low,
  • joyful,
  • mournful,
  • complicated,
  • simple,
  • focused,
  • all over the place,
  • affecting,
  • affected by what’s around me,
  • affectionate,
  • authentic,
  • intentional,
  • sincere,
  • haunting,
  • soulful,
  • mature,
  • hesitant,
  • certain,
  • pleasing,
  • imperfect, and
  • unique.

How would you describe your voice — singing or otherwise?

I hope my voice comes through in today’s photos:

If you could hear my voice now, you’d hear this:


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68 thoughts on “Day 1146: My voice

  1. Good luck!

  2. My voice is definitely otherwise

  3. I love, love, love your description of your voice and I am so excited for you. I will be thinking of you all weekend.

    As far as my own voce goes, I will not try to describe it. It is more of a silent reading voice than a public singing voice.

  4. You are the closest I have ever been to a TV star. Best of luck.

  5. When you shared that video of you singing I thought you had the most beautiful voice. You have musical background which shows in that video. You also have writing and photographic talent, my voice says so.

  6. I’d love to have a voice that was of tea and mandarin oranges. Mine is more at the sand and glue end of the spectrum…but I do love singing! Nice post.

  7. Good luck 🙂

  8. My voice is usually too quiet, but I’m turning up the volume to say Good Luck! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  9. Best of luck and just have fun!

  10. My voice is strong and the words “good luck” come forth!

  11. good luck and have fun in my city!

  12. After 26 years of teaching and getting students to constantly clean up the art room, I’m an alto instead of a soprano. What a cool experience to try out. Looking forward to reading all about your experience and observations. What the judges shoes are like.
    Kick ass!

    • I doubt I’ll make it far enough to hear the judges’ voices or see their shoes; even if I do, that wouldn’t be until next fall. In any case, Ruth, your voice is encouraging my voice to do my best.

  13. It is a reflection of me.
    Good luck my courageous friend!

    Harley, I can hear your voice loud and clear now!

  15. Your friend is thoughtful about your breakfast, Ann. A voice of kindness. I’ve been told I have a sing-song kind of voice. Interviewers have questioned my music background. 🎵 🎶

    Sleep well tonight…and go shine tomorrow. ☺


    Good luck, dear Ann. I loved hearing you sing the other morning. Love, Karen

  17. Spend the day mindfully in the now, confident in your intention and ability, believing that tomorrow you’ll do your very best! And let it go. Keeping you in mind, Ann, today and tomorrow.

  18. Good luck!

  19. Your written voice is all of those things and more.

    I can only imagine your audible voice is all of those things and more and more!

    Have the most amazing time in your audition tomorrow. What an incredible experience it will be/is!

  20. Belt it out of the park!

    My voice teacher (in the days before microphones were used) told me that if folks didn’t hear my voice, they wouldn’t like it!

  21. Good luck to you Ann 😀

  22. I think you are going to do great!!!!!! They will LOVE your voice!!!!!! DO you think there will be gazillions of people all trying out? Will it be an all day process? I am so excited for you and know you are going to do super!!!!!!!
    We went to Hollywood several years ago, because my sons wanted to try out for a Nickelodeon Channel game show. There were so many people. It was a fascinating process to watch. My sons had to get up and talk about themselves in front of hundreds of people. They were brilliant, on fire. I was so impressed with their poise and ease.
    I can’t wait to hear about how tomorrow goes for you. Have a lovely, peaceful, positive thoughts kind of day my friend!!!!!

    • There will be a gazillion people and it will likely last all day. I am so glad you shared the lovely story of your sons, SD. And thanks for your beautiful voice in this comment.

      • Just thinking about you and your adventure tomorrow. I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK, GOOD SINGING, and HAVE FUN!!!!!!! (I am shouting all that with glee and emphatically).

      • What a thoughtful, gleeful, emphatic, and beautiful voice you have, SD!

  23. Courage will float in, your shoulders will drop and you will sing for the fat lady. Good luck!

  24. Your voice is the one I hope to hear more of.

  25. I’m rooting for you! Have fun and good luck!

  26. My voice is wishing you good luck and the very best audition experience!

  27. I love your voice here. Look forward to hearing more of it. 🙂

  28. Good luck tomorrow Ann!

  29. I think my voice is o.k. when the frogs are gone. Best of luck, Ann!

  30. I’ve always loved singing and thought that it might be what a bird felt soaring into the sky… Best wishes with your singing.

    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. Lea

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