Day 1144: O…K… Ready

O…K… Ready-ers — I mean, Readers — are you ready for this?


O…K… I saw that ready carpet cleaner yesterday, at work. And while the carpet in my office does need cleaning, I wasn’t ready to use it.  Why?  Because I was getting ready to leave for my vacation to Philadelphia and New York City.

O…K… I’m ready for my train trip to Philly to see my bff Jeanette and to try out for “The Voice” on Sunday.

O…K…what helps me be ready?

To be as much as possible in the moment, letting go of unhelpful memories and thoughts and letting go of worry about the future.

O…K… Ready for the other new photos on my iPhone?

O…K… WordPress peeps, what helps you be ready?

O…K… Ready to give thanks and to go! Have a nice day

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49 thoughts on “Day 1144: O…K… Ready

  1. Ji was ready to read your post because my internet was ready to work! Ready now for a great day.

  2. What helps me be ready? Let’s see. A written “to do” list, a good positive attitude, going with the flow and a good strong coffee!

  3. The peeps does many marshmallow things, and they look lovely. ā˜ŗ yummy

  4. Being ready is a decision. . .a state of mind.
    Break a leg.

  5. You’re ready, Ann. Safe travels…and yep…that “break a leg thing.” ā˜ŗ

  6. How exciting. It is time to go on an adventure of great magnitude. I hope you have a wonderful journey and I can’t wait to hear how things turn out. Be safe, my travelling friend!!!!

    • I am safe, waiting for a train out of Boston. All trains are delayed indefinitely because of some signal problems since this morning. This gives me more time to practice breathing and letting go of anxiety.

  7. Ha! There we go again, all ready to be in sync — my whole blog today is about ‘giving thanks’ and there you are all ready giving it!

    And woo hoo — just three sleeps to The Voice! I am all ready and excited for you! šŸ™‚

  8. You’re so ready Ann! Believe šŸ’ž

  9. The more I stop to think about getting ready the harder I find it is to actually get ready. There’s nothing wrong with preparation but at a certain point it’s necessary to simply jump in and hope for the best.
    I’m hoping you have a safe trip and confident that when you do make the leap, like Oscar, you’ll land on your feet.

    • The more I stop to think about Oscar, the harder it is for me visualize where he’s sitting, with me and my laptop on our way to Philadelphia. Thanks, as always, for your hopes, Chris.

  10. Holly

    Oh no, where is the Bear in the Peep outfit at? I may need to get that for my kidlet.

    I keep reading O….K…. like a cheerleader….and no I wasn’t one at all! šŸ˜€

  11. Have a nice trip Ann!

  12. Enjoy the journey, ready or not…



  13. Have a wonderful,fun,memorable vacation!

  14. Carol Ferenc

    You are ready, Ann. Now just let it be.

  15. Good to hear you are ready..

  16. O.K., Grumpy is ready too.

  17. This feels real now. Very exciting!

  18. Go for it, Ann

  19. Good luck Ann…

  20. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada sez this sownds like sum alternat naym for the faymus minstrels ok go!!! but i hav no ideea hoo they ar dada is always saying weerd stuf like that!!! ok bye

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