Day 1143: What to do, what to do

What to do, what to do for my blog post today?

What to do, what to do is share my Facebook post, from last night:

I sang one-minute versions of my three “Voice” try-out songs at a staff meeting today, asking people to choose what they preferred. The results were shocking! 0 votes for “Lion Sleeps Tonight.” 4 votes for “Mad World.” 12 votes for “Soothe” (which nobody had ever heard before). What to do, what to do …

What to do, what to do?  My Facebook friends asked me to let them express their opinions about to do, what to do for my “Voice” audition this Sunday.  What I did, what I did is to post one-minute versions of me singing “Mad World” and “Soothe” on Facebook.

What to do, what to do when my Facebook friends voted overwhelmingly for “Mad World”?

What to do, what to do with all this conflicting data?

Here are my suggestions, for myself, about what to do, what to do:

  • Continue to practice one-minute versions of those songs, getting better, getting better.
  • Ask for  more opinions about what to do, what to do for my audition.
  • Let go, let go of any belief that there is ONE RIGHT WAY to do this audition.
  • Have fun, have fun with the process.
  • Give myself credit, give myself credit FOR SINGING IN FRONT OF MY CO-WORKERS yesterday, with no fear, no fear.
  • Have no fear, no fear about any outcome of my audition for “The Voice” on Sunday.
  • Let go of shame, of shame about any “mistakes” or “rejections.”
  • Follow my intuition in the moment, in the moment.
  • Realize my self-worth, my self-worth is not dependent upon getting a call-back from “The Voice.”
  • Affirm that my voice, my voice deserves to be heard, no matter what the outcome.
  • Resolve that I will do more singing, do more singing no matter what happens.

What to do, what to do with these new photos from yesterday?




What to do, what to do to explain those photos?

  • What to do, what to do when the temperatures in Boston rise 50 degrees in 36 hours?
  • What to do, what to do when you have a wonderful co-worker who sends you great stuff through inter-office mail?
  • What to do, what to do in a therapy group about sensitivities?
  • What to do, what to do about my drawing of “The Princess and the Pea”?

What to do, what to do? How about making a to do, a to do with a comment from you?

What to do, what to do, now that this post is through?  I’ll just give thanks to you, to you.


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28 thoughts on “Day 1143: What to do, what to do

  1. Go with the voters who heard and saw you live

  2. Cool sketch!

  3. Live performance trumps! Especially if they hadn’t heard the song before, they must have LOVED that performance that much more!

  4. I think you should go with the song you like the most. I really Like “Mad World” – the only thing that would worry me about that one is it might not show your range and I only say that because I have watched like a million seasons of “American Idol” and they are always talking about picking the song that exhibits the singer’s range. I think you should go with your gut instinct. Which song do you relate to the most? I am sure you will do wonderfully, whichever song you choose!!!!!!!!!!

    PS. I think it is interesting, that as a therapist, you have picked songs title “Mad World” and “Soothe”.

  5. How to reply to this in a way that will be helpful and comforting? I can’t quite decide but I keep coming back to the princess and the pea because I never understood that story. I had no problem accepting that frogs could turn into princes or young women could spin straw into gold or that there were gingerbread houses in the forest, but a pea under thirty mattresses keeping someone awake was hard to swallow–even though I usually have no trouble swallowing peas.
    And all I can think is you must live in a Mad World if you’re Lion awake because of a pea. It’s such a small thing and simply removing it is the way to Soothe a troubled mind.

    • I think I must be living in a Mad World, Chris, because I don’t know WHAT is keeping me up at night these days. Maybe I have to pea.

  6. Ann,
    “To thine own self be true.” In high school I entered the end of year school talent show. I had taken piano lessons since nine years old. I was scared stiff about playing in front of an audience, especially those fellow students who you will see the next day. I chose a classical piece and a popular tune, “Moon River.” Each, I was most comfortable with, but which is more, they moved me most. When the moment came, it was like being with two old friends. I didn’t notice the audience in the least. And the bonus was the congratulations and favorable response from my classmates who had attended.

    So the question really is, Ann. Which song would you choose to perform that you regard as an old friend?

  7. I have no clue. I hope you find some good nuggets here and are able to shed your anxieties about singing and just go do the best song (which you will know instinctively)!

  8. I am not qualify to give much value on my opinion here but you might also ask people why they like one song over the others? That might be another piece of information to help you decide. Good luck!

  9. Don’t over think. Over think. Which song did you love love to sing before it became a competition….

  10. Whatever you do will be amazing, Ann. Everything you do amazes me.

    You are not the princess and the pea. You are the intergalactic traveller and gravitational waves.

  11. What to do, what to do, when it is 3:22 AM on the west coast and Ann’s new blog post isn’t up yet? And neither is the sun! I will entertain myself by reading old posts and listening to the sounds of a sleeping household.

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