Day 1141: What do I look and sound like when …?

What do I look and sound like when there’s less than one week before I go to an Open Audition for “The Voice” in Philadelphia?

What do I look and sound like when I’m going up and down between insecurity and confidence?

What do I look and sound like when I’m having trouble getting enough sleep?

What do I look and sound like when I am ….

  • down to earth?


  • blatant?


  • stupid?



  • drunk (even though I don’t drink alcohol)?


  • filled with resolve?


  • doing the math?


  • cold?


  • fun to know and easy to love?



  • and, most importantly, singing?

What do I look and sound like when you comment on my blog?


I’m looking and sounding grateful, here and now, as I finish this post.

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36 thoughts on “Day 1141: What do I look and sound like when …?

  1. Courageous

  2. I don’t know what you sound like ‘yet’. But when you get on that show I will know because it will be the only reason I start to watch it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You are sounding more confident than me about my getting on the show. It’s actually highly unlikely, out of all the thousands of people trying out that I’ll make it. But I will look and sound better on Sunday because I’ll know you’re rooting for me!

  3. How exciting! I bet you are a great singer. You will be coming to my city, cool. I hope you enjoy Philly and take plenty of pictures ( not that I doubt you will). We all will be rooting for you during your audition.
    Good Luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Go there with confidence, Ann, it will show up in your “Voice”. My favorite pic is your weather-proofing outdoor gear. I understand. โ˜บ

    • I will try my best to be — or at least seem — confident, Van. I will take you with me into that audition room next Sunday.

  5. With your history of stand-up comedy I think you’ve picked up some acting skills, and with those you may go to your audition feeling terrified but you’ll be able to project confidence. And once you start singing I believe you’ll feel confident because you’ll be embracing the moment.

  6. Note perfect!

  7. Brave. Fearless. Committed and Free!

  8. I think you look like Ann. A wise, compassionate and empathetic person that sees the good in the world around us. I know you will do well at your audition.
    Here is a clip from “The Help” just for you, my friend!

    Have a song-filled day!!!!!!

  9. What do I look and sound like when I use this phone?

  10. Fun! Go for it!

  11. Having good times.

  12. Carol Ferenc

    You look and sound like a winner, Ann!

  13. You’re ready Ann. Just see yourself as Kate Smith: “There’s no business like show business!” The body follows the direct of the mind. You and Kate will be like two peas in a pod.

  14. Break a leg! Metaphorically!

  15. I hate hearing my own voice through some kind of recording device, really I think do I really sound like that

    • I decided two years ago to stop accepting awards for this blog, but I always look, sound, and am sincerely grateful when somebody nominates me for one. So thank you!!

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