Day 1139: Wanted

I wanted to title this post “wanted” after I saw this Wanted Poster at my wanted job, yesterday:


I saw that Wanted Poster yesterday while I was doing something I’ve wanted to do for a while:  sing my three possible audition songs for “The Voice” to people who wanted to hear them.   I asked  those people at work, “Which song might make me most wanted by the judges?”   People who wanted to hear all three songs yesterday wanted to tell me their wanted preferences, as follows:

“Mad World” was wanted by 15 people.

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” was wanted by 5 people.

“Soothe” was wanted by 5 people.

I wanted a clear majority, so I now want to sing “Mad World” for my February 21 audition. (That’s the song WordPresser vanbytheriver has stated that she’s wanted me to sing.) If I’m wanted back, as I’ve wanted, to perform more audition songs for “The Voice,”  I’ll sing all three of those wanted songs.

In case you wanted to see other photos I wanted to take yesterday, here they are:






I wanted to point out that the cat at the PetSmart shelter  was named “Michael,” just like my boyfriend. Michael wanted to take Michael home last night, but he knew that Oscar, Harley, and my wanted son Aaron haven’t wanted a third cat in the house.

I wonder whether this post is what you wanted today.

Before I end, I wanted to thank all who helped me create this “Wanted” post and also you — of course! — for wanting to read it.

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34 thoughts on “Day 1139: Wanted

  1. It will surely add something to sing a song by Van

    • Your comment helped me realize that this post wanted a rewrite to be clear, Derrick. Van didn’t write the song; she wrote that she wanted me to sing the song for my audition. Thanks to you, this post is now conveying the meaning I wanted.

  2. I can see how you want to bring Michael home. Is one of his hear broken too?

    • Around here, there are organizations that trap stray cats, neuter them, cut off a piece of the cat’s ear to indicate that the cat now cannot reproduce, and then release the cat back where they found them. So, at the PetSmart cat shelter, we often see rescued stray cats that are missing a piece of an ear, like that.

  3. Yes !!! Love that your survey agreed on Mad World. I had a bias, it’s always been one of my favorites. 💕 And the Groundhog misdirection…maybe only a few more days, Ann. ❄️ ☃️ ⛄️ 💨

  4. I didn’t know I have long wanted a ‘gluten conscious monster cookie’ until I saw your photo! I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your quirky humour and insightful tidbits that always leaving me wanting more.

    Oh, and I wanted to know what you’d sing and now I do! woo Hoo!

  5. Spring is a state of mind, perhaps, in this mad world. I’m glad you have a song and a Michael.

  6. i want to thank you
    for lettin me b myself
    again 🙂

  7. I would have been tempted to vote for “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” but “Mad World” is a wonderful song, and one I’m less familiar with, and I like becoming familiar with the unfamiliar. Of course being decidedly indecisive I might have asked for a fourth option. What song are you most comfortable singing? I hope it’s “Mad World”.

  8. I like the “Mad World” song too. I especially like the video. That must have taken some real planning to get the choreography just right! And what is up with the whole Ground Hog thing – I have never understood how an entire country pins their hopes for an early spring on one little fluffy animal. We have been in the 70s over here in California, all the fruit trees are starting to bloom, but I am sure the cooler weather will be back.
    Have a great day Ann!!!!

  9. Perhaps I would have wanted Michael Caine, or Mikhail Baryshnikov, but plain Michael?

  10. Carol Ferenc

    I want to be a human being and a human doing. I want Michael to get a loving forever home soon. And I want you to win the whole darn thing, Ann.

    • Carol, I wanted to tell you that you must be a person wanted as a friend by many others. Thank you for this lovely comment, which is just what I wanted.

  11. cmblackwood

    Ha! That poster is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. 🙂

  12. I want more time to read your blog, and others too this week. 💕

  13. I love the gopher poster. There ought to be a law or something about his deceptions.

    Being wanted is very comforting. I hope you’re wanted for “The Voice.” Best wishes and Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Ann. 😉

  14. Being wanted is good, being taken for granted not so good, and yes at times I do feel like I am being taken for granted by some members of my family.

    • I wanted to tell you that’s a very common feeling, Joanne. I don’t take you for granted and I always appreciate you making the effort to comment.

  15. I have to ask…which comes first…the pics or the blog? You always have such unique images that match your blog perfectly. I usually write my blog first, then my crazy spirit guides find the right…and sometimes downright goofy… pics to go with it.

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