Day 1136: More comfort zones

About a year ago, I was comfortable enough to write a post named “Comfort Zones.”

Yesterday, a therapy group at work  was comfortable enough to focus in on comfort zones. And I was enough in the zone to take all these photos:





Which of those photos zone more into comfort zones for you?

Every day, I’m moving into more comfort zones about

  • working,
  • playing,
  • singing,
  • writing,
  • speaking,
  • being comforted, and
  • comforting others

… by challenging AND inhabiting my comfort zones.

More comfortable thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for your comforting presence.

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46 thoughts on “Day 1136: More comfort zones

  1. I dearly love the Cat holic sign.

  2. Playing. I, too, went for the Cat holic joke

  3. I’ll never look at the word Catholic the same way again. ☺

  4. I like staying in my comfort zone- some say it is a cop out, never challenging myself, but I see it as why bring on unnecessary anxiety of you don’t have to. 🙂 There are exceptions to the rule but overall the comfort zone is where I live.

  5. Great post as always. And that Cat cartoon haha.

  6. Count me in as a Cat holic. 🙂

  7. The Cat holic cartoon made me laugh into catalepsy. It was catastrophic and cataclysmic and the catacoustics of my caterwauling was a catalyst for a cataract of catty complaints.

  8. The bathroom one is so painfully true. 😦 Great post! Cat-hartic, you might say.

  9. The cat holic picture cracked me right up!

  10. looks comfortable
    standing in the snow 🙂

  11. Maureen

    I, too, love the catholic sign. Kerneling is so important!

  12. Uh, that should read, “kerning”!

  13. Carol Ferenc

    Yes, I am a cat holic. I need a cat anon group!

  14. Ann,
    I love the Catholic meeting poster. Really funny.
    Especially with Lent beginning today.

  15. Like you, I try and make every place I go a comfort zone. Stress can sometimes expand the boundaries (such as work), but I try and work my way back to where it flows a little smoother. My friends — I only have friends I’m comfortable with. No more trying to be someone or something I”m not. And of course, any place I can pull out a notebook and pen or laptop to jot a few things down can be my comfort zone too. Oh — and reading your blog. It comforts me, too…

  16. Those little green frogs put me in a grin zone.

  17. I think the pictures that have cat in it makes me feel in comfort zone 🙂

  18. Harley, comfort zones are deceiving. I’m going to have to sell you some insurance.

  19. Although Jewish, I am a sworn CatHolic. No comfort zone for without a cat.

  20. …no comfort zone for me without s cat.

  21. …without a cat.

  22. It may be that cats are the one thing your readers all have in common. But we are perfectly happy about that

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