Day 1133: Shorts

There is no shortage of shorts on my mind, right now, including these:

  1. Last night, I saw the Oscar-nominated movie The Big Short,  which (a) was longer than 2 hours, (b) felt short and (c) did NOT fall short of my tall expectations.
  2. I am short, at 5’3″.
  3. During my shorter than usual winter vacation (starting in a short 11 days), I will not be wearing shorts, because I’m traveling  a short distance to cold Philadelphia and New York.
  4. A short year ago, there was no shortage of snow in the Boston area (where my short self has lived for all of my expected-to-be-shorter life).
  5. If I come up short when I try out for the TV show “The Voice”in Philadelphia on February 21,   I hope my disappointment lasts for a very short time.
  6. Shortly after that “Voice” audition, I’ll be attending an American Group Psychotherapy Association  (AGPA) conference for a short two days.
  7. If my very short try-out for “The Voice” on 2/21 is successful, I’ll be expected to return within a short time (one to three days) for a call back audition, which may short out my AGPA conference plans.
  8. I’ve had a pain between my short ribs for a short two weeks.
  9. Since my short mind can jump to worst case scenarios in a short amount of time, I’m wondering if that pain could indicate that one of my old cardiac pacemaker wires is shorting out (or otherwise shortly causing problems for short me).
  10. I think there a very short chance my fear about short pacemaker wires shorting out are true, but if that pain doesn’t resolve, I’ll notify one of my short or tall doctors shortly.
  11. When short or tall people don’t get back to me within a reasonably expected short amount of time, I can get short with them.
  12. When people don’t respond to my short requests, it can remind me of when I was a short child, in the hospital, feeling powerless and alone.
  13. I can have a short amount of patience and comfort with my own shortness.
  14. Two of my charging cords for my Apple products and one pair of headphones have frayed wires, which might result in a short. 
  15. Before this short day is over, I’ll be meeting with the piano teacher of my no-longer-short son, who will be laying down a short keyboard track for the short and beautiful Todd Rundgren song “Soothe,” which I will shortly take with me for my short “Voice” try-out.
  16. Right now, there is a total shortage of new photos on my iPhone, because yesterday was too short a day for short me to seize any short moments to take any pictures at all.
  17. If you wait a short time, I’ll return with some photos of something short which is a short distance away from your short blogger.
  18. For some reason —  which I hope to understand and resolve shortly — my iPhone camera app (CP Pro) now pauses for a short time after I push the button before it takes photos of anything, short or tall,  a short or long distance away.  That can short out my attempts to capture what I want, in the moment.

If I take a short moment to breathe, I realize a short photographic pause doesn’t prevent  my getting good-enough photos of a short cat with short paws.

If you take a short pause to leave a short comment about this post, I’ll get back to you shortly.

Short thanks to short Oscar and all other short or tall creatures who contributed to this not-so-short post. And thanks to you — of course! — for taking whatever time you needed — short or long — to read it.



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44 thoughts on “Day 1133: Shorts

  1. Days have been way too short for me. So glad they are once again getting longer.

    • I appreciate that you responded in such a short amount of time, Emilie, and I can get short when the days are too short.

  2. 1 to 18 items are not short list though 🙂 It takes me so short time to notice that the #14 needs repaired or replaced very very shortly. It could have a long consequence if you do not do so shortly.

  3. Life is short after all 🙂

  4. So glad to know a long movie felt short. After two hours, I usually just want them to end!

  5. I really need to come here more often Ann. I never feel short-changed when I do. ❤
    Diana xo

  6. Good luck on your Voice auditions. Hope your stay is not short, and you keep advancing to the next level for a long time! 🙂

  7. I’m so glad I took the short time required to read this fine post! Maybe I could buy you a short cup of coffee if you come to Greenwich Village where I work. Good luck in Philly! ❤

  8. At 5’5″ I’m now considered short, whereas, growing up I was average. I also hope your stay with the Voice is not short, unlike my very short arms; I’m always having to roll up the sleeves. Good Luck!

  9. I’m falling short of patience with certain memories!

  10. The cat was wondering why the piece wasn’t shorter?

  11. You certainly take up the short baton and run a lot of laps with this one. Sort of short circuits!

  12. I shall shortly be going to the park with Beaumont for a not short walk and while it is beautiful out I will not be wearing shorts. Too much snow aka ice, on the ground

  13. Nice things come in small packages. My favorite aunt was never short on clichés to make me feel better about being the smallest in my family. 💕

  14. Maureen

    You did not come up short in this blog post, Ann. You never come up short in my estimation.

  15. I’m short on time today, but not short on appreciation. Thank you Ann!

  16. I am surprised to read you are 5 feet 3 Ann- you appear taller in your photos! I am on the short side measuring in at 5 feet 2 inches- the height I have been since I was 12. Tallest in the class back then,bu ended up one of the shortest- which actually I like 🙂

  17. I’m heading into work in a short 2 minutes so I must keep this short. It’s already been too long. I hope the pain is resolved!

  18. Reblogged this on KCJones.

  19. I also hope the pain disappears. If not, that it can be sorted.

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