Day 1132: Be suspicious

Are you suspicious of

  • other people?
  • yourself?
  • what you hear?
  • what you see?
  • what you smell?
  • what you taste?
  • what you touch?
  • the water you drink?
  • the food you eat?
  • the news media?
  • weather forecasts?
  • other predictions about the future?
  • your memory?
  • your beliefs?
  • other people’s beliefs?
  • technology?
  • the internet?
  • what other people tell you?
  • the unknown?
  • advertising?
  • cultural norms?
  • your own dreams?
  • things that are too good to be true?
  • blogs?

Be suspicious about other people listing your possible suspicions.  What are you suspicious of?

Be suspicious about what inspires my post titles, which is often something I’ve seen the day before.


Be suspicious of other people telling you what to do.

I tend to be suspicious of

  • harshly critical thoughts
  • cognitive distortions (a suspiciously complete list of those is here)
  • easy answers
  • phony smiles
  • people who don’t listen
  • rigidity, and
  • too much suspicion.

Be suspicious when somebody offers to show you pictures, such as these:

Please don’t be suspicious about leaving a comment, which I suspect will be awesome.

Be suspicious when I don’t express thanks to all those who help me create a post and also to you — of course! — for reading my suspicious blog, here and now.

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43 thoughts on “Day 1132: Be suspicious

  1. Why?…

  2. I’m loving the Walnut Study photo. I’m headed to the grocery store and will be looking over my shoulder for suspicious looking shoppers.

  3. If someone is nice to me these days, I’m suspicious as to what their ulterior motive is!

  4. I am suspicious something is causing you to be suspicious ?

  5. The list of things I’m suspicious about are about like yours, Ann. Add to that my suspicion of accomplishing much today, and that’s it.

  6. I’m suspicious of things nutritious that are neither delicious nor cause feelings avaricious.

    I’m also suspicious of how much coffee I’ve had so far this morning.

  7. So curious about that walnut study. I use a lot of them in Christmas baking, when I feel better all around. I wonder ? ☺

  8. Find that I am. But believe that I should take the either side. Trust until proven otherwise.

  9. I’m suspicious of my dog, because he always looks so innocent, even after he’s just eaten something he shouldn’t or ripped apart the garbage. But I love his untrustworthy little soul anyway:-)

  10. A suspicion is a trick of the mind, or perhaps a clue.

  11. I like walnuts but would be suspicious of a study that used that as one of its criteria. I would suspect misdirection. In fact I’m often suspicious of studies, even ones that, on the consent form, say, “There is no deception used in that study.” And needless to say I’m even more suspicious when that phrase is absent.
    In life, though, I don’t think I could be suspicious all the time. It would be exhausting and I’d be, er, suspicious of what I was missing by not being more open to what the world has to offer. As Elvis said, we can’t go on together with suspicious minds.

    • I am suspicious of studies too, Chris. I am not suspicious of your other thoughts about personal suspiciousness, especially since you recently noted your own “uncharacteristic suspiciousness” in another comment on this blog.

  12. There is only one thing of which I am not suspicious. It is that which separates itself from a world that I am always suspicious of. It is an event that took place 2,000 years ago. On a hill outside of a city.

  13. Maureen

    It does take a certain amount of judgement to be suspicious, though….

  14. I hate to admit I am a bit suspicious by nature- I have read too many cases of scams and shams which has led me to be suspicious. I am not suspicious of anything in this post Ann, and like your photos of the kitty!

  15. wwwpalfitness

    Reblogged this on wwwpalfitness.

  16. Absolutely…question authority!

  17. On the whole, I’m far too trusting, except when my guts tell me words and expressions are giving false impressions

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