Day 1131: Anticipating feelings

Yesterday, in a therapy group, one of the members expressed a wish to anticipate feelings, in order to prepare for them.

I suggested, in that group, that it might be helpful to be more in the moment, rather than focusing on the future and what might be.

As I might have anticipated, I had mixed feelings about challenging other people’s feelings about what might help them.

Personally, I’ve been anticipating my own future feelings when I attend the Open Audition for “The Voice” on February 21, in Philadelphia.  I’ve been anticipating that I’ll feel

  • scared
  • confident
  • nervous
  • calm
  • insecure
  • numb
  • excited
  • disappointed
  • joyful
  • judged
  • judgmental
  • dismissed
  • accepted
  • vulnerable
  • happy
  • self-conscious
  • brave
  • diminished
  • liberated
  • relaxed
  • confused
  • anxious
  • alone
  • supported
  • paralyzed
  • energized
  • proud
  • rejected
  • irritated
  • irritating
  • depleted
  • energetic
  • terrified
  • reassured
  • lost
  • patient
  • impatient
  • friendly
  • anti-social
  • fulfilled
  • destroyed
  • peaceful
  • unsettled
  • impressed
  • relieved
  • and more  …

no matter what the outcome.

Wow!  Despite my suggestions to other people, I’m certainly anticipating feelings, aren’t I?

Last night, I had a dream filled with anticipated feelings about my upcoming “Voice” try-out, where I kept getting further and further away from the audition room, not knowing how to get back.

I’m feeling happy, now, that I always find my way back here, every day.

I also didn’t anticipate — before I started feeling and writing today’s “Anticipated Feelings” post — that all my photos from yesterday would be about feelings.

I’m not going to anticipate how you might feel about all this. Might you anticipate how I’d feel about a comment from you?

Heart-felt thanks to all those who helped me write this post and to you — of course! — for all your feelings, today.

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35 thoughts on “Day 1131: Anticipating feelings

  1. Who was it said, “Physician heal thyself” I think you got a bit feelinged out.

  2. It’s nice to know that others experience a wide range of contradictory feelings when facing a challenge–or even when facing something you look forward to. What’s best, though, is you took your own advice and took a moment to be in the moment and consider all those feelings.
    If you should have any doubts about the efficacy of your own prescription keep in mind a line I remember from a production of Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid: “Purgo et purgito sum.”
    And now you know the doctor’s jargon!

  3. I’m feeling happy as well, that you are back here at your blog. I’m also anticipating feeling happy again tomorrow, when I read your post at that time. 🙂

  4. I’m excited to have you try out and impressed at your following through and taking this opportunity.

  5. My favourite photo is the “happy” cake.

    When I looked down your list of anticipated feelings, I saw that it was quite long. But you can scratch one off the list: judgmental. Why? Because these are your years of living non-judgmentally!

    I am filled with feelings about your audition, too!

  6. We used to call that anticipatory worry work

  7. Facing challenges seems to always fill me with so many conflicting emotions, but I suppose even facing things that are not challenges but just new can produce the same- just as your list proves!!

  8. Oh, boy. Just found out that I will have to act for my boss for 8 weeks and I am filled with dread. this is a nice reminder to just put one foot in front of the other. Don’t add anticipatory worry work as Derrick so rightly calls it.

  9. I’m anticipating feelings of dread if Grumpy shows up tonight.

  10. Oscar, that is NOT nice. She’s a cat just like you!

  11. I think the more anticipation the more feelings will come. I had similar experience this week and I knew my feelings were circulating around some of those you listed including calmness. Once you get to it, those were just gone.

  12. Ever hear The Hedgehog Song by the Incredible String Band?

  13. There it is! Doesn’t it describe your dilemma. You know all the words and you sung all the notes but…..😉

  14. Good post! I am trying to live in the present as I’ve already wasted years of my life anticipating in preparation for the worst that might happen… and so far it never has.

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