Day 1121: What helps

What helps me might be different from what helps you.

What helps is to be open to differences among people.

What helps me includes

  • music
  • supportive people
  • alone time
  • enough sleep
  • nourishing food
  • water
  • taking a breath
  • writing blog posts
  • staying true to myself
  • being flexible
  • hope
  • humor
  • letting go of fear
  • acceptance
  • healthy boundaries
  • awareness
  • vulnerability
  • color
  • whimsy
  • finding my voice
  • doing work I love
  • group therapy
  • taking photos of what’s around me, like these:














Does anything in this blog post help you?

Helpful thanks to all those who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for accepting the help you need, as best you can.


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46 thoughts on “Day 1121: What helps

  1. I love the singing cat!

  2. As long as I can laugh things aren’t hopeless, and there is so much here that makes me laugh. I especially like St. Patrick and Medusa on a date. It’s one of those jokes that takes me a little time to work out so it provides a break from the worries of the world.

  3. Your blog certainly teaches me not to take things seriously, and recognizing the absurd.

  4. amusez798387

    When I am feeling overwhelmed by my feelings I usually turn to my Anusara prayer and repeat it over and over. I use this for MRI.

    Once I accidentally dropped a tray of family heir loom glasses just before guest arrive. I got down on my knees and started to cry but then told myself “laugh!” At firs my laughter sounded strange but amazingly this worked. I was calm and happy.

    • And then somebody helped you further with this by suggesting this thought ” the glass was already broken.” And then you helped others by passing that thought along!

  5. Marcia Dubreuil

    Hey Ann: Kermit The Frog at the doctor really helped me! But what about the cats, Ann? What about the cats?

  6. All very helpful. Thanks AK!

  7. I love St. Patrick and Medusa. Thanks for the laughs, Ann. All the best to you.

  8. This post was very helpful in many different ways, Ann. It encouraged me because I was just writing about how we benefit from our differences. So, in that regard, it was helpful because we’re on the blogging page, if you will. 🙂

    Being that we have three cats, the cat comics were most beneficial, although I loved the St. Pat/Medusa one too. With the “cat hotel,” we have a cat that would definitely prefer spending hours of fun beating up the cardboard box to the refrigerator penthouse. He’s definitely different! That’s why we love him!
    Thanks for the fun post!

    • Oops! I meant we’re on “same” page. 🙂

      • I knew what you meant, Mel — maybe that’s because we were on the same page. It’s always helpful for me to see you here. I hope you know that! And here’s one of our two cats in the refrigerator penthouse.
        oscar on fridge

  9. Yes, Ann. The blind date between St. Patrick and Medusa.
    Still smiling.

  10. Your cartoons are amazing! You find such brilliant ones. I put some up on my last post but yours are miles better. I’ve put the Kermit one on my FB.

  11. St. Patrick and Medusa! What a combo! Gave me a good chuckle.

  12. I like, appreciate and relate to that helping list. Could I help myself to it?

  13. Those cards are wild….
    What storm?….

  14. Having my family around helps me, followed by the peace and quiet when they all go home.

  15. Humour is my choice. And, blow me, you put humor slap in the middle of your list and post a string of jokes.

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  17. Yes, Ann. Your style of humor helps me. Thanks for the nudge to visit, my friend.

  18. It always help to have a beautiful braided rug under one’s feet 🙂

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