Day 1119: Practices

As somebody who practices daily blogging, I’m familiar with the importance and benefits of practice.

As somebody who practices psychotherapy, I’ll be more practiced with money issues, later today, after I attend “Money Matters: Looking at Money Issues in Our Practices” presented by the Practice Development Committee of the Northeastern Society of Group Psychotherapy, an organization for people who practice group therapy.

Besides blogging, group psychotherapy, and new learning, here are more things I practice:

  • Solving mysteries, like how to get the air conditioner plug in my private practice office to fit the nearby outlet.


  • Dealing with snow in New England.


  • Finding meaning in greeting cards.











  • Finding meaning everywhere I look, including at the supermarket.


  • Interacting with those in high places.



  • Gratitude, every day.


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35 thoughts on “Day 1119: Practices

  1. You were one of my favourite bloggers even before I knew of you love of cartoons 🙂 I might have to borrow some of these for a sequel to this

  2. Love those cards!!
    Now it’s time for my practice 💛

  3. That remote control “Make me a ….bath, drink, Queen.” Tough choice ! ☺

  4. Ann, my admiration of you knows no bounds. How you manage to blog every day is beyond me. I’m with Van on living that remote. Oh do I need one! Your puctures, what your message is, my Heart needed today. Thank you, friend. ❤

  5. haha love the ‘look at those two making a baby in public’ photo Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  6. Great cards!

  7. Cool plug problem!!
    Have you considered calling an electrician to make sure that the outlet you are plugging into really is grounded and is at least 15 amps — or 20, if your AC needs that? (I have never had AC so am not familiar.) If you know for sure that the wiring in the building is new and up to code, you can try using the shortest possible heavy duty extension cord. The round prong should normally fit into most d-shaped outlet openings. Maybe it fits already, with some pressure. But you want to make sure that the outlet is properly wired. Our house had some outlets that looked modern, but were attached to knob and tube.

    • Even though I’ve practiced taking many photos, it may be unclear what the problem is there: the outlet is shaped unlike any plug I’ve ever seen through all my years of practice with plugs and outlets in the U.S. No pressure in the world would make a three-pronged plug of any sort fit into it, and it’s mind-bogglingly weird. I checked with the guy who painted the office for me and he said he didn’t touch that outlet. So my next step is to contact the landlord.

      • Maureen

        Hi Ann,

        Hey, wow! Now that I am on my computer and not the phone, I can see that the problem is that the straight holes are sideways! How bizarre and interesting!

        Is this a very old building? Maybe it was a special plug for a special appliance decades and decades ago? It almost looks like a kind that is used in the UK, Type G. I wonder if somebody had a special outlet installed for their beloved UK appliance? Or maybe it is for a specific tool? (Was your office a dentist’s office before? Maybe they plugged in their X-Ray machine there!)

        Such an interesting mystery. But, luckily, you have a landlord. The landlord can bring in an electrician — and should, since it’s likely that the weird outlet is not up to code. (Does it even have power?)

        Please post what you find out from your landlord. This is fun. Putting on my Sherlock Holmes cap, I deduce that you will solve this mystery before hot weather sets in.

      • I’m sure you’ve practiced sleuthing before, Maureen.

  8. Oscar, your daredevil practices of climbing high places makes me want to sell you some insurance.

  9. A fun assortment of snappies – brought a smile to my face.

  10. First I like the look of those snowball cakes, but don’t think we have anything like it here.
    Second it took my daughter Jessica 4 attmeps to find one of those Facebook things that suited her sister Kathy. I have not tried it out just saying.
    Thirdly it is a nice day here
    Fouth I have nothing else to say so I am leaving

  11. Great collection of pictures! We just watched the Patriots game…..what an ending! (Even though they didn’t win)

  12. Love your blogging practice, Ann, and wistful memories of those SnoBalls with their unique stretchy, squishy mouthfeel. Wish they were vegan… 😉 Btw, congrats to Aaron on Edinburgh!

  13. Some great cartoons. My favourite is the baton one. As a self employed counsellor I was pants at Money Matters

  14. How is it possible you can put me to shame and yet inspire me to try blogging everyday? Great photos and some truly funny ones. Still smiling. Now I have to go and practice! 🤗

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