Day 1118: The Daily B*tch

Terry, a co-worker of mine, has The Daily Bitch calendar.   That calendar has shown up in this blog before, but I’m  too much of a  b*tch  to spend time, right now, looking for those previous posts.

Yesterday, Terry showed me the daily batch of The Daily Bitch:









One of those Daily Bitches made this b*tch laugh out loud. Which one, from that bitching batch, is your favorite?

Some more b*tchy thoughts from me, your daily blogging bitch:

  • At a meeting last week, I was a b*tch to somebody who said something I experienced as intrusive, ill-timed, and sexist.
  • I’m fine that I am what I am and that I bitched what I bitched to that person.
  • Like the daily bitch cartoon, above, we agreed to disagree and we resolved the conflict before the bitching hour of the meeting’s end.
  • Why is it — this bitch wonders — that an angry woman is called a “bitch,” daily, but an angry man is just called “angry”?
  • I don’t like my recent haircut, so I’m going to b*tch about that to my fabulous haircutter, Mia.
  • Mia has given me such a wonderful batch of haircuts over the years and is so much NOT a b*tch, I’m sure she’ll help me feel less b*tchy about my hair, very soon.
  • For you bitches who were wondering about this, nobody bitched about my presentation yesterday — everybody there seemed to love it.
  • As you can see from the first photo this bitch took yesterday, many people in this bitching country have something to b*tch about:


That Storm Jonas sure is a bitch of a blizzard, threatening 29 million b*tches. By the way,  this bitch is glad that storms are now named after female bitches and male bastards (like Jonas), as opposed to just getting bitch names, the way it was when I was a little bitch.

This  older b*tch is hoping for a big batch of bitchy comments from her bitchy readers.

And, I don’t meant to be such a bitch, but WordPress is being such a bitch as I’m writing this bitchy post that it won’t let me use more than one asterisk in a paragraph without becoming totally b*tchy.

What do you have to bitch about in your life today, my b*tches?

B*tchin’ thanks to Terry and everybody else that helped me create this bitching post. Thanks to you — of course! — no matter what you have to bitch about, here and now.

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77 thoughts on “Day 1118: The Daily B*tch

  1. An angry man is angry
    An angry woman is bitchy
    But if you really want to be nasty try calling an angry man a bitch.

  2. I’ve got nothing to bitch about right at the moment because I bitched it all out last night. And my poor husband had every right to think I was a bitch but had the common sense to not call me a bitch which makes him one bitchin’ husband. 🙂

  3. A “bitch kitty” of a post today!

  4. If you ever do a Greatest Hits post, I want this one on there 🙂

  5. Watching the lead up to the primaries, which I can’t help since I live in NH, I think men are expected to be angry all of the time so having a special word for it is redundant. If Hillary said 1/1000 of what Trump has she’d be called the bitchiest bitch on the planet….

  6. yeoldefoole

    Today I’m going to proudly fly my bitch flag! Thank you!

  7. she sounds like both
    a good witch
    & a bad one 🙂

  8. I feel sorry for female dogs 🙃

  9. I can see you being angry or cranky. Bitchy? Maybe, on a bad day. But I just can’t see you being a bitch.

    • I am embracing my inner bitch — that is, acknowledging and feeling empowered by female anger. Having said that, Maureen, I can’t see you being a bitch, either.

  10. haha my favourite is the 5 stages of waking up Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  11. My wife and I regularly go to dog shows where it’s perfectly acceptable to refer to female dogs as bitches, to speak of bitch and sire, and so on. And yet I can’t help giggling when I hear prim and proper women say things like, “Look at that bitch” and “Who does that bitch think she is?”
    What I like best about The Daily Bitch calendar is it takes a negative term and gives it positive connotations.
    Now before I start bitching about my internet connection I think I’ll have some more coffee.

  12. I’m b*tching about the fact I really want a cup of homemade chili but I don’t want to make it!

  13. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay instant gratifikayshun??? i want sum of that ware kan i git it??? tel me now!!! hay duz this meen i kan kall my sister saya a bitch and git away with it??? i wood never hav kalld trixie that but yoo thats becuz trixie wuz the best sister ever of korse!!! ok bye

  14. jwoodruf2015

    I loved the last one and I love your hair…Jan


  15. The daily b*tch could also be the irritable me, or the one seeking attention in unconscious ways, or the irrational one, but wait a minute, we have to be that way because we are humans and make up a ‘civilization’. The ‘irrational’ feeds the imagination, and where would we be without it?

  16. I laughed out loud at the warm bed, kind word, and unlimited power day on the calendar. Once in a while it is very healthy to get in touch with the inner bitch…Stay warm. We have 17+ inches down here with it still coming on!

  17. Bitching cool!

  18. Pretending to choke in a restaurant – reminds me of Meg Ryan’s classic Sally

  19. I love the images in the Daily B*tch. Oxfam used to do a wonderful series of cards using old knitting pattern pictures of upright citizens in their new cardigans in the 1950s, with wonderfully inappropriate conversations. Glad the presentation went well.

  20. AMen!!!

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