Day 1117: I am what I am

At a therapy group yesterday, one of the members brought in a gift: a cartoon of  Popeye the Sailor Man, with his signature saying,  “I yam what I yam.”

Because I am what I am — a group therapist who appreciates gifts and hopes to inspire creativity and sharing — I suggested  we use those cartoons to express ourselves.


Because I am what I am — somebody who loves music and pop culture trivia — I looked up the Popeye theme song during that group exercise, last night.

Because I am what I am — an ex-marketing writer who likes to avoid false advertising — I want to tell you that YouTube video of the Popeye theme song is NOT in Hindi.

Because my boyfriend Michael is what he is, he just said to me, “Are you looking for try-out songs for your audition for The Voice?”

Because I am what I am — somebody who appreciates a good sense of humor — I laughed out loud.

Because I am what I am — a daily blogger who likes to share the  photos I snap wherever I go — here are some other pictures from yesterday:

Because I am what I am — a group facilitator with a passion for my work — I’m giving a presentation about group therapy this morning for the Massachusetts Psychological Association.

Because I am what I am — somebody who likes to be on time — I’m finishing today’s blog post now, but not before I request that  you leave a comment about “I am what I am.”

Pop-eyed thanks to people who heal in groups, Max Fleischer (the creator of Popeye), the Fenway Park area of Boston Massachusetts, and you — of course! — for being what you are, today.

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27 thoughts on “Day 1117: I am what I am

  1. I am as blue as any Penny dreadful can be. Am I in the house of blues?

  2. I think we are all glad that you are what you are! Or, who you are!

  3. I am what you am too!

  4. Hi Ann. I am glad you yam what you yam!!!!! I am glad I yam what I yam.
    Have a lovely day being what you yam!!!!!

  5. I too am glad you yam who you yam! and what a great idea to use cartoons in therapy 🙂

  6. “I yam what I yam” certainly gets to the root of the matter!

  7. Popeye is Da Man!….

    He taught us all to stand up for the weak, no matter what, and to be who you are….

    My dad was the same, so it reinforced the example quite well….


    • I am glad your dad was Da Man he was, gigoid. Thanks for standing up here!

      • You’re welcome, but, thanks aren’t necessary…. Duty is duty, milady. Once chosen, it is not to be abrogated for any reason….

        Sharing what we know that may help others is one duty I chose long ago…. as any duty can only be chosen, never assigned…



  8. I am also what I am and what you are Ann 😀

  9. I’m not going with this one. As a kid, I believed that if I ate spinach I would be strong like Popeye. Instead, if I eat spinach like Popeye I get diarrhea.

  10. ….and so be it. I hope the talk went well

  11. I like the video, I remember watching as a kid but not in 1933. Didn’t know it went back so far; and still going it seems.

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