Day 1116: What is the theme of this post?

Almost exactly 600 days ago (but who’s counting?), I wrote a blog post with the same title as this one.  Perhaps because of the blog post I wrote yesterday, it’s easy for me to let go of embarrassment about re-using the same title. Also, I’m glad  I’m following my own advice from Day 801: How to ask for what you need by asking for what I need now — help in identifying the theme of this post.

So how can you help me identify the theme of this post?

Well, maybe we can use the process I use in the therapy groups I facilitate, in order to identify a theme.  In those groups, I also ask for help from the group members to identify an important theme that’s come up in the group discussion, so we can all explore that theme in further depth.  For example, in yesterday’s group,  I wrote themes up on the group room whiteboard  as the participants were sharing their thoughts, feelings, and experience. These themes included exhaustion, tasks, motivation, anxiety, stress,  triggers, self care and many more, as you can see in this portion of yesterday’s whiteboard:


Yesterday, the theme we chose together was “Energy”:


Could “Energy” also be the theme of this post?

Let’s examine all the other photos I took yesterday, to see if there’s another possible theme we can identify for today’s post:






If you can identify a theme for this post, please share it below, in a comment.

Many thanks to all those who heal in groups, to Amanda Curtin (a wonderfully talented group therapist whose office I visited yesterday), to PetSmart, to  Whole Foods, and to all the people, places and themes that helped me create this post. Special thanks to you — of course!  — for whatever you bring here, today.

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31 thoughts on “Day 1116: What is the theme of this post?

  1. Beliefs and love!

  2. a good question? 🙂

  3. Life is sweet.

  4. The theme could be that there is no theme and doesn’t need to be–at least not today. But then not having a theme is itself a theme, which becomes a Mobius strip of logic, so maybe it’s better to say that the theme is whatever you feel.

  5. What about ‘The things we have in common’ Ann? ❤
    Diana xo

  6. Those revised rules are pretty awesome ! ❤️

  7. I agree with Van; I’m going to replicate the family rules/revised rules to post where I’ll see them every day.

  8. I suggest ‘Fudge’

    Fudge good.

    Consensus is useful, too.



  9. Ann,
    I am sensing much angst in this post. Can anyone add more time to their lives by worrying? (to paraphrase Jesus)
    So keeping that in mind, I would title this post. “Don’t worry, be happy!”

  10. I love your images today! And I have no problem reusing past blog titles if it fits the bill — you and I are so creative we can’t help using the best over and over again!

  11. Very interesting…

  12. Warmth, compassion and love all tied together with sweet goodness.

  13. I love the new rules!

  14. Rules of Life- Love Family, Animals and Sweets 😉

  15. Stimulation

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