Day 1114: I do scary

I ventured out into some scary cold and icy weather yesterday to meet up with my friend, Barbara, whom I’ve known almost all of my scary life.

As Barbara and I enjoyed the scary-good atmosphere and food at The Madrona Tree Restaurant in Arlington, Massachusetts, we talked about my trying out for the TV show “The Voice” next month and how scary that might be.

My 62-year-old memory can be scary some times, but I’ll do my best to report accurately the next few  exchanges between Barbara and me:

Me:  That’s me.  I do scary.

Barbara:  I hope it’s okay that I say this..  You do scary because scary was done to you.

Me : (pause that might have seemed scary to Barbara, but probably not, because we’ve known each other for so long)

Barbara:  I mean because of your scary hospital experiences when you were young.

Me:  I get it.  You’re right.  I’m just thinking of how to say that in my own words.

Barbara (non-scary pause)

Me:  I do scary because I’m scared all the time. Because life is scary.

Barbara: I understand.


It’s scary how I can’t remember whether Barbara said “I understand” or whether she just let me know she understood.

I don’t know about you, but when I feel understood, everything seems less scary.

Is this post scary?  Since I do scary so well (because I have so much practice), allow me to address any scary thoughts that might be scared up by this “I Do Scary” post, as follows:


“I do scary” means I’m used to living with fear, which helps me face my fears, every day.

After our scary-great lunch and talk yesterday, Barbara and I braved the scary cold to visit my new office in Newton, Massachusetts. Because I do scary, I’m opening up that new office without a target date  of when I’ll be doing my first therapy group there.  Because I do scary, I have faith that everything will work out.

I did scary photography yesterday:










Which of those photos do you think is the best match for this “I Do Scary” post?

Because I do scary-quick blogging on weekday mornings, it’s time for scary brief thanks  to Barbara, the Madrona Tree, and everybody else who helped me create this scary post. Special thanks to you — of course! — for doing scary, as best you can.


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40 thoughts on “Day 1114: I do scary

  1. The BBC set up The Voice here but it has never really done well which is a pity. The show is ready for someone like you 🙂

  2. It’s scary thinking of scary. So no scary thoughts for me, thank you very scary much. 😀

  3. I’ve found fear never goes away – it just stops standing in the way 🙂

  4. I do scary apparitions sometimes…

  5. The quote, “If you want to be a rebel be kind” scares me. Is kindness such a rare commodity that it’s rebellious? And then I think about how scary it can be when a stranger extends kindness, especially if, like you, we have past events that might make us wary of others.
    That’s seems like a good fear to confront, though. Perhaps as an act of rebellion we should not only offer kindness but it seems even more rebellious to be open to receiving it.

  6. Yours is a wise friend. I understand. I not only do scary, I seek out scary. Sometimes, I even create scary. But, that’s ok by me. It’s made life interesting. 💕

  7. I am discovering that fear bonds to other emotions, especially real fear (as opposed to apprehension or excited nervousness). So then there is happy-afraid, sad-afraid, worried-afraid, loving-afraid, hopeful-afraid, depressed-afraid and so on. Every feeling has this pulsing shiver under it., even the good ones. Joy and sorrow feel different for a person who is afraid than for a person who isn’t. Sometimes fear has an intensifying effect on the bonding emotion, sometimes a flattening one, but it is always also transmogrifying.

  8. The jumping off cliffs one. I’m scared of heights

  9. I think the empty chair in the empty room fits the “I do scary”. I do like the cushion on the chair. It looks quite comfy. Snow is scary to me, that’s why I live in California.
    Hope you are having a cozy kind of day!!!!

  10. My “singing” (caterwauling) is definitely scary. Small children and pets have been known to flee from the room. So I am both envious of you…and excited for you, that you get to try out for The Voice!

    • I’m scared that when I audition they’ll flee from the room or ask me to flee, as soon as possible. Even if that happens, Jill, I’ll be okay!

  11. it’s not so scary
    with my eyes
    closed 🙂

  12. the healing center!

  13. Barbara is certainly not a scary friend. I love that you do scary Ann!!

  14. Do I do scary, let me think, well only if I really have to do, but would rather not because let’s be honest here I am a big baby

  15. I try not to do scary every day Ann. But when there is something scary that I must do, I move it to the top of my list to get it over with! ❤
    Diana xo

  16. I am a big scaredy cat- I don’t do scary. What is not scary is that lovely braided rug, the food, and that blue sky and clouds!!

  17. wwwpalfitness

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  18. I wish you the best with The Voice audition. Scare yourself silly but enjoy the experience – it will be unique for you and something to look back on later. Please let us know how you go.

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