Day 1113: A-void

Every morning, I do not avoid facing a void, here at WordPress, of an empty blog post — a void  I need to fill, daily,  with words, images, and (sometimes) YouTube videos.

There are certain tasks and obligations I do wish I could avoid. For example, I always want to avoid doing my yearly taxes. And when I was young, I avoided practicing scales on the piano (although I never avoided playing my favorite music).

Perhaps I do not wish to avoid daily blogging  because  blogging …

  1. still feels like a choice — rather than a task or obligation —  after more than three years and
  2. fills some sort of void for me.

Last night, my boyfriend Michael and I did not avoid seeing a movie about the existential human void of loneliness: Anomalisa, “a stop-motion adult animated romantic comedy-drama” written and co-directed by Charlie Kaufman.  We have not avoided previous Charlie Kaufman movies, like Being John Malkovich and  Eternal Sunshine  of the Spotless Mindand I’m glad we did not avoid Anomalisa.

Because I  avoid taking photos while watching a movie, there is a conspicuous void of Anomalisa –  related images in today’s post. However, I did not avoid taking these other pictures yesterday, which I shall now use to fill the photographic void:


Which of those images would you rather avoid?  Which best illustrates a void to you?

I need to fill a void, now, by telling you that if any of those photos are too small to read, you can avoid eyestrain by clicking on it.

While human beings may sometimes avoid endings, all things must come to an end, including this “A-void” post.  Before it does,  I do not want to avoid honoring a human being whose death left a huge void, in 1968.

Here‘s  Martin Luther King, Jr.’s last speech:

And to further fill the void, here are some quotes from him:

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?”

The time is always right to do what is right.

Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the the whole staircase.

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

If you wish, please fill the void below this post with a comment.  And thanks to all for visiting here, today.


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38 thoughts on “Day 1113: A-void

  1. It’s fitting that today’s theme would be “A Void” since the void left by the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is one we’re still struggling to fill, and may always have to work to fill–it may be a never-ending struggle. Even when we reach the mountaintop there will be new goals, more challenges above us.
    Aside from that I also think of Georges Perec’s novel La Disparition, written entirely without using the letter ‘e’ even once. The English translation by Gilbert Adair is titled A Void.
    The funniest scene in the novel is when some characters examine a bookshelf and find a copy of La Disparition–and in the English version they find Adair’s translation right alongside it.

    • Chris, it’s fitting that it’s you filling this first post-post slot. Not only do you not avoid writing about what’s important, I would find a void in any of my posts without your thoughts. Thanks for your words about Doctor Martin L. King, Junior, and that fascinating information about La Disparition and A Void. Finally, I’m taking inspiration from you to mimic that prodigious writing trick you highlight.

  2. I so am not a void ing peeps!

  3. I would not want to create a void. So to avoid creating a void I will let you know I can’t avoid leaving a comment. I don’t want to avoid much of what you showed either.

  4. rohvannyn

    I think I’d rather avoid the snowy parking lot! Though I seriously intend to avoid anything valentine related too, as I don’t want to hurt my love’s feelings. (She can’t stand V Day.)

  5. I want to, yet cannot avoid seeing the difference between Martin Luther King, Jr. and DT. I know which one I would vote for as the next president. Yet that candidate’s slot is void. How much longer can we avoid MLK’s dream? This political year seems void of many things–not least of which is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s wisdom, patience and truthtelling.

  6. I avoid Peeps. I actually know people that like to eat Peeps. I don’t get it.
    Hope you are doing well Ann!!!!!

  7. I avoid Valentine’s Day because it seems silly. And you know, I’m such a serious, non-silly person…

  8. Thanks for including the speech, Ann. It fills a void that is left by much less passionate speakers of today. sigh….💖

  9. Sometimes I avoid things like…………………… what, why can I not think of damn thing I avoid, there must be something but what, oh well I give up and now I say bye, I will however, be back because I don’t avoid your blog

  10. I do wish the Donald would go into the void. In the British Parliament today they debated on whether to ban Donald Trump … I’ve got to check that one out!

  11. I swear Ann, I avoided all of Grumpy’s calls and didn’t text her a single time…

  12. “Be true to what you said on paper” is good advice,normally; especially if you had a choice about what you said on the paper.

  13. Thanks for the email Harley!

  14. I can’t stand voids, whether it be in my schedule, work or journal. I Dino what’s wrong with me but I can never just sit and relax or be void of emotion, something’s always going on even if I have to force it.

    • I apologize if I seemed to be avoiding your comment for a couple of days. I’m so glad you filled the void here with your thoughts. I would suggest you avoid the thought “What’s wrong with me.” Consider filling the void with this thought, instead: “There’s nothing wrong with me!”

  15. I sometimes wish I could avoid what I just must confront

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