Day 1111: Ones

If one takes one moment and  one looks at the numbers in today’s title, what does one see?  Ones.

How one-derful!

Here’s one photo on my one iPhone:


My one thought when I saw that, yesterday:

It’s one shoe.  Is someone  waiting for the other shoe to drop?

One thing I hope one writer of this blog has learned  after one one one one days of blogging:

There is no other shoe, so spend not one moment  worrying about one’s future. Worry is one especially useless way to spend one’s time.

Here’s more than one thought about ones, on this 1111st day of this one blog:

  1. I have one son.
  2. Last night I had one dream that my one son was gone.
  3. I one-der if I had that one dream because my one son will be attending one college (TBD) in less than one year.
  4. One needs to look out for number one, because what number of people will do that if you don’t?
  5. One needs some al-one time, once in a while, to keep oneself together.
  6. People need people, and yet one thing I witness as a psychotherapist — one day after another —  is everyone’s difficulty asking for help and support from even one other person.
  7. Mindfulness  —  one’s ability to be present from one precious moment to the next one — is one useful practice.
  8. One is the loneliest number according to one amazing singer/songwriter named Harry Nilsson and also (one + one + one)  Dog Night.


One may be the loneliest number, but the ones in my one title today aren’t lonely — they have each other!

Which one of these other photos on my one iPhone best represent ones?

1111 thanks for every-one’s support through 1111 days of blogging. One never knows how many more days one will have, besides this one precious day.

Will there be one comment from the one person reading this blog, in this one particular moment?

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62 thoughts on “Day 1111: Ones

  1. Just good songs about one(s). I do not know much of other ones you have here but I do know one and one is two 🙂

  2. One thing I know- I enjoy following your blog!

  3. It’s Sesame Street being brought to us by the number one.

  4. Deb

    One may one-nt to leave a one-nderful comment but her one creative moment may run dry 🙂
    Congrats on your 1111

  5. But “two can be as bad as one…it’s the loneliest number since the number one”…That’s one lyric I’ve always loved. Have one great weekend, Ann. ☺❤️

  6. Somewhere, in a singular place, I read “You’ve heard Henry Nilsson’s songs but you’ve never heard of him. And he preferred it that way.” Funny enough I knew exactly who Henry Nilsson was, but I understand. He wanted his music, not his name, to be known.
    I’m happy to add this one more comment here.

  7. onederful
    being part
    of the one
    with you 🙂

  8. So you started your blog on 1/1/2013? I may be off by 1 day. That was one good year!

  9. Kathy T

    Did you play that number for the Big Billions ticket? Congrats!

  10. I only have one way of speaking. But the world can see one in so many ways.
    Uno. Bat. Amhain. En. Se. Man. Har. Tek. Een. Otu. Moja. Unum. My one comment is full of learning something new. Just one. About one.

  11. I one-der if this got to the Number One slot in the charts?
    Another One for your post is Medicine Head’s One and One is One, which was mentioned in one of my posts (11th January 2014, so 1 1. 1. 2014 which is close)

  12. You Are ONE amazing person I enjoy and have enjoyed 1111 days of you blogging you have ONE Heart that’s stronger than you think Hugs, Lena

  13. As someone that is very into numbers when I see the 1111 I see a 1. One is independance, leaders, trail blazers, but there are also two 11’s here and this is a Master Number. 11 is the gateway. either way 1 is a very good number!! Reduced to a 4 is also good but like I said I am into numbers 🙂

  14. Nope. I’m not gonna comment.

  15. One-derful post Ann! Thanks for bringing more than one smile to my face today 🙂

  16. It is 1 4 all and all 4 1 on your blog everyday, Ann. Congratulations on being the 1!

  17. PS Some of the photos in this post inspired me to eat more than one square of chocolate.

  18. That pink runner led me to your wonderful post on Day 3, that held this gem: “there is no other shoe.” Thank you, Ann.

  19. good article! Somewhere I came across the 1111 phenomena several years ago, and I adopted a little ritual. When the 1111 is on the digital clock screen, I like to spend a moment of silence joining my moment to that of everyone in the world who observes 1111.

  20. Reblogged this on WONDERLAND IS A STATE OF MIND: and commented:
    This post by Ann Koplow has captured my fancy, and I thank her for the re-blog! 1111 always reminds me to observe the number.

  21. How I love this oneness of ones which one by one add up to many posts of this clever blogger who h[ones] my mind each day.

  22. Sevens for this one. I became what my niece called an ‘Official Old Git’ on 07.07.07

  23. I would like to have one of those sheep cupcakes. And as we say in my 1st grade class- one and done!

  24. Pingback: SOMETIMES

  25. This one says 1+1 thumbs up to 1111. Love your note that it is so difficult to ask for help. Wonder why that is?

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