Day 1110: Life as a work of art

If somebody asked you to write, draw, or otherwise express your thoughts, feelings, and associations about “Life as a work of art,”  what work of art might you create?

Last night, in a therapy group — after we discussed many  topics including life, death, school, work, parents, what other people think, music, painting,  injury, healing, routines, miracles, safety, self-care, imperfection, immortality, wishes, Alan Rickman, and David Bowie —  I asked people to do just that.

Now, I shall attempt to turn my thoughts, feeling, associations, and other aspects of my life into a blogging work of art. Here are some artless and artful photos I took at work,  yesterday:

How do you judge or create works of art?

Yes, thou art being asked to work your responses into a comment, bringing more life and art into this post.

Lifetime-work-in-progress thanks to all who helped me create today’s work of art and special thanks to you — of course! — for the living art you practice, every day.

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23 thoughts on “Day 1110: Life as a work of art

  1. After years of studying art history and theories of art I came to two what I believe are inevitable conclusions:
    (1) Art is whatever you want it to be
    (2) The first–and only–way to judge a work of art is to ask yourself, “Do I like it?”
    Art history and philosophy may give you a lot of grandiloquent words allowing you to speak exegetically about art and why you like what you like and may even expand your horizons so you like things you didn’t like before. But in the end whether you know a little or a lot about art you know what you like.
    At least that’s what I like to believe.

  2. Christopher’s astute comment says it all.

  3. Exactly what Christopher said!

  4. rohvannyn

    I like what Christopher said too.

    I have something to add to art seen in life – that is, art heart in life. I usually focus on visual art because I draw and paint. I’ve seen some beautiful things in daily life, everything from a pristine copper toilet float to the rainbow sheen of a CD. However, have you ever heard someone use a particularly poetic turn of phrase in daily life? Have you ever heard someone make an effort to be careful with their words or to use metaphor when a more simple, prosaic turn of phrase might be more usual? You can hear language art in daily life too. You can also see it, sometimes in the oddest places.

  5. Life as a work of art: we spend a whole lifetime trying to imitate it!

    “The mind can bring it about, that all bodily modifications or images of things may be referred to the idea of God.”-Baruch Spinoza

  6. Life is art … And we have to work at it 😉

  7. Does it speak to me? and if it doesn’t, what does that tell me about myself and the world?

  8. I am not sure if I am capable of judging art, although some things will speak to me more than others. And when I create, I always seem to enjoy the process more than the finished product.

  9. As a work of art it is still life

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  11. I guess that’s the beauty of being an artist, you can define it anyway you choose on a blank canvas, paper or screen. A true creative person may g in not having a clue of how the end will look but once those juices start flowing – it’s on! That’s how I feel when I’m writing. My artistry looks like hope, inspiration, courage, and overcoming…yeah that’s about right☺️ Chanel

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