Day 1109: Everything is beautiful in its own way

Yesterday, when some things were beautiful and other things were not, this sign was in my way:


… which triggered a 1982 memory I have of Boston stand-up comic Lenny Clarke.

My ex-husband and I had gone to see E.T. the Extra-terrestrial at a local cineplex.  While we were waiting to be let into the theater, I noticed Lenny Clarke — whom we’d seen at many local comedy clubs —  in the large crowd. The wait dragged on for a loooong time, with management giving us updates about problems with the projector.  Just as the mood threatened to turn ugly, Lenny Clarke yelled, “Okay, everybody!” and sang out “EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL  IN ITS OWN WAY ”

If you’re not familiar with that song by Ray Stevens, here it is:

Do you think that song is beautiful in its own way?  Do you think any of the other photos I took yesterday are beautiful in their own way?





Everything is beautiful in its own way, especially if we

  1. accept the beauty within ourselves and
  2.  get out of our own way.

Okay, everybody! Everything is beautiful in its own way!

Beautiful thanks to all (and feel free to sing along).

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56 thoughts on “Day 1109: Everything is beautiful in its own way

  1. Oh Ann, what a great post. Don’t they say that beauty is all in the eye of the beholder? And yes, I love the song, it’s an absolute classic and guaranteed to make anyone smile. Stay beautiful!

  2. “Like a starry summer night on a snow covered winter’s day”

    Could it be a hit today? Even get published? A reference to God?…how dare he?

    Life sure was simpler “back then”. I was 10 years old when this was a hit. . . people were singing it everywhere.

    PS..I think someone got into the cricket case that wasn’t supposed to be there.

    • Do things seem simpler and more beautiful if I say that’s a photo of a lizard?

      P.S. Thanks for the beautiful comment, Ray.

  3. Yes oh yes!!! I hope everyone kept singing that song the rest of the day. I know I will be now.

  4. what a great post Ann- and I so agree Everything is beautiful in its own way. Love the look of that whipped cream/ice cream concoction!!

  5. I so remember this song. It was always playing on the radio. But when you think about it, everything IS beautiful in its own way…….. beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that. Even spiders, which I hate, have an intricate beauty of movement, and the webs they spin are exquisite and unique.

  6. I remember that song. ☺ And my favorite is that corner window lake view. It reminds me of a former home. It had corner windows in the kitchen with a clear view of a mountain in Salt Lake City. It was beautiful…and we took it for granted ! Thanks for the memory, Ann. 💖

  7. The song brings back memories of long car trips when we played a Ray Stevens tape over and over and over. “Everything Is Beautiful” and “Misty” provided a nice interlude after songs like “Guitarzan” and “The Streak”.
    What’s wonderful about Lenny Clarke belting it out is it was funny but also joyous and brought people together.
    Maybe that’s why I see beauty in the “Caution: Icy Conditions” sign. I see someone who’s slipped and fallen…and is doing jazz hands!

  8. Luis Del Castillo

    Your posts are always beautiful in their own way, as always I learned something new from them, I was not familiar with the song.

    Love them!

  9. Janet H

    “Stay out of your own way,” words I try to live by! BTW, I’ve been singing that song for many years to the Ray Sevens I know. He truly helps to make things a bit more beautiful (shh, don’t tell him I said that!).

  10. Not everything is so beautiful in its own way, ever since Dr. Frankenstein made me into an evil monster.

  11. Oh Penny, that’s from the tv show! Please don’t bring that up here, because “I love you just the way you are”.

    • Are you sure everything is so beautiful, even when Dr. Frankenstein ruined me?

      • I haven’t watched Penny Dreadful, and I know you’re rehearsing your lines for the show. Yes, everything is beautiful, in its own way.

      • Thanks Ann for the reminder of such cheerful song! It is also therapeutic! In case you’re wondering, the Penny Dreadful series has a character who is Dr. Frankenstein, and he resuscitated a young woman who died of TB, but she came back to life as a sociopath (both his two creations did), so the young lady cat here is representing her. Oh well, just a bit of humor.

      • Oscar has apparently been watching your beautiful TV show.

      • I haven’t seen “Penny Dreadful” but a lot of cats and people seem to like it.

      • I like the photography. Some of the scenes were shot in Ireland. The second season began to get gory, however, but the first season had its beautiful scenes.

      • Maybe someday I will see those beautiful scenes.

  12. A great song to be reminded of! And what a brilliant way to defuse a situation!

  13. Great post and your selection of pictures is awesome. Thanks!

  14. LOL!

    A very good affirmation, but, you don’t have to look at my face in the mirror every morning!….

    Beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder….


  15. I love how you do this? Do you pick a theme first or photos then a theme? Sometimes I let my photos write my poetry……

  16. My day has finished beautifully listening to this song and reading your post. There is a smile on my face. I was not familiar with the tune but I am singing it now 🙂

  17. I guess I could learn to love the Trump hair-do

  18. Love the beautiful chorus line of dancing rats!

  19. jwoodruf2015

    Better late than never–I LOVED Ry Steven’s outfit–I’m wearing that to work on Tuesday…you too? Jan

  20. Not sure I can embrace the Donald’s beauty as easily as the rest!

  21. Trump’s is a very particular way of beauty. Thanks, beautiful Val!

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