Day 1107: Just say no

If you’re uncomfortable

just say no.

If it’s not working for you

just say no.

If something offends you

just say no.

If you don’t want to do something

just say no.

If you think it’s better for you

just say no.

If somebody is pressuring you

just say no.

If it doesn’t feel right

just say no.

If you choose not to share something

just say no.

If a behavior doesn’t fit your values

just say no.

If you’re thinking “no” and everybody else is saying “yes”

just say no.

If you don’t want to explain

just say no.

If you’re overwhelmed

just say no.

If you feel manipulated

just say no.

If it’s good for your health

just say no.

If you need to set a boundary

just say no.

If something seems toxic

just say no.

If you need to sit one out

just say no.

If you’re asked to hide your true self

just say no.

If you’ve been told “no” is impolite

just say no.

If something hurts

just say no.

If you can’t deal with the consequences

just say no.

If you need to take a break

just say no.

If you sense danger

just say no.

If you’re asked whether you have the right to just say no

just say yes.

Should I share some photos I took yesterday?

You may just say no,  but I just can’t hear you!





Feel free to say no to anything in this post.  Or not.

Also, if you need some time or don’t know what to say, you can just say nothing.

I’m just saying no, now, to an extended ending with “Thanks for reading!”

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43 thoughts on “Day 1107: Just say no

  1. YES !!!! ❤️

  2. kellie@writingmoment

    Well you had me smiling again, so I’ll just say “yes” 😀

  3. YES to all the NO from your post 🙂

  4. I would say yes to that cranberry muffin for sure. 🙂 It took me until I was in my 40s to just say no to things I really didn;t want to participate in. Love this post Ann

  5. There’s nothing here I’d say no to. If I didn’t want to see the pictures I could have turned away, but there’s no way I could say no to a Carl Jung action figure.
    Admittedly I didn’t recognize him at first and had to look up the quote. Normally I’d be ashamed of that, but this morning I choose to say yes, I’m glad I learned something.

  6. I wish there were so many things I would have been able to say “no” to when I was much younger, but “no” is an assertion that one seems to learn better when one is older. Of course, many children are able to say “no”, even when very young, but to master it one has to slowly rupture the chrysalis of innocence in which our childhood is embedded. The “butterfly” will not necessarily be traumatized, but will have to reorient itself using all of its senses, and with an inborn compass, guide itself to the garden.

  7. lundygirl

    sadly some people just won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

  8. People need to know about ALL of these. Some aren’t intuitive or obvious and they should be.

  9. Its a no from me Ann 🐥

  10. Ah, permission and reinforcement!

  11. “No” is the first word of power we humans learn. It is the first way we find we have ANY sort of control over what happens to us…. Sadly, for many people, they forget this, as the world presents them/us with any number of compelling reasons to forget we always have that choice…. The reasons may be due to environment (poverty), or life duties (job), where choice is removed from our options, but, many people never fully grasp the nature of their own ability to choose.

    I am fortunate, in that I have never, even in my deepest moments of depression, failed to realize my choice in what happens; it is part of why I was/am able to combat it by myself most of the time. But, for very much of the world, they do not have that advantage, so life’s difficulties mulitiply out of their seeming control….

    This phrase, “just say no” has unfortunate connotations for me, as it was used as the catch-phrase in our government’s ill-advised war on drugs, with the caveat the notion was put forth by the President’s wife, Nancy Reagan…. In that context, it became the most vile, hated slogan to ever irritate the poverty-stricken among the population, who are the victims of the war, much more than society is a victim. They have very few choices at all in life, restricted as they are by their economic status, and to tell them they can “just say no” to the only part of their lives that offers any solace, or opportunity to feel as if they were more than they are, is incredibly naive, supremely ignorant, and ultimately, cruel as a winter’s storm.

    It is a term that fails to take into account the responsibility borne by those who are a part of society, but, will not perform the basic duty of any society member, to reach out to help others, or even acknowledge their own failure to remain an informed member of that society. They are too busy trying to maintain their own status quo to be bothered….

    For those who struggle to stay whole in their mind, it seems to me, having been on both sides of the couch, such catch phrases are, perhaps, useful, if accompanied by teaching or some other way to bring home the point that ‘choice’ is always an option; even refusing to choose is making a choice. In this venue, it is a useful technique for stimulating discussion, and searching for consensus. But, to tout it as a catch-all tool of power is, ultimately, self-defeating…. I don’t see you have done so here; I merely had to get out the thoughts that seeing the title stimulated in me…. I’ve heard that phrase so often, my reaction to it is almost knee-jerk….

    Sorry if my mini-rant out of hand; I’m a natural pedant, & at this stage of my life, I tend to NOT keep my thoughts to myself… I did so for most of my life, & I’m done with holding it in…

    Obviously, the title did what you wished, i.e., stimulated interaction, so good job on that….

    I’ll finish with one short axiom from Peruaosophy, to wit:

    Axiom #7: Do your Duty. Honor the Truth. Respect Life. Share your Love.

    Works for me….since Duty can ONLY be chosen, never given, it’s a constant reminder of what we are, as humans….



    • I wouldn’t just say no to any of your thoughts here, gigoid. Thanks for doing your duty, honoring the truth, respecting life, and sharing your love.

  12. I would say yes to “If you think it’s better for you”.

  13. Yes to the each of those nos!

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  15. Dreamer9177

    Learning to say NO is the second hardest lesson we have to learn after we learn to choose to be HAPPY

  16. Love your post and thanks very much for the follow! I am learning to say No to the right things for once.

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