Day 1104: Getting around

Getting around to my WordPress statistics page, yesterday morning, I noticed that the daily stats about my blog readership were getting around to some surprising numbers. There’s no getting around how odd these numbers were, as follows:

  1. There had been only ONE visitor to my blog,
  2. the blog had been viewed  THIRTY-THREE times, and
  3. the THIRTY-THREE  views were from the United States, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Canada, United Kingdom, France, India, Belgium, Hong Kong, Kenya, Romania,  Switzerland, and Germany.

When I was getting  around to leave for the day, I got around to check my WordPress statistics one more time  and there was still only ONE visitor and now SEVENTY-SEVEN views from even more locations around the world.

Wow. That one visitor of mine was really getting around.

Now I’m getting around to asking you this question:  Were you my single visitor, yesterday morning?  And how did you manage getting around to all those countries AND reading my blog that many times?

Now I should getting around to showing you the photos I took yesterday, as I was getting around to (1) a pacemaker clinic appointment at one major Boston hospital,  (2) my work at another major Boston hospital, and (3) home. Because I’d finally gotten around to getting orthotic supports for my feet two days earlier, it was noticeably easier getting around by foot.

One of yesterday’s photos inspired me to title this post “Getting Around.”  If you get around to guessing which photo that is, I hope you’ll be getting around to sharing that guess in a comment.


















Because I was on “Quick Response” at work  yesterday, which involves getting around the huge Primary Care Practice  and responding whenever a patient needs the support of a psychotherapist, I got around to taking only one photo at work, which I’m now getting around to showing you for the second time:


Despite being on Quick Response yesterday, I got around to hanging up that getting-around double helix a patient had gotten around to giving me earlier in the week. If your mind is having difficulty getting around the significance of those going-around coils, here‘s a post I got around to writing my  first week of WordPress  blogging (when I had at least four visitors, judging from the comments there).  If you get around to reading that earlier post, please get around to letting me know.

Finally, I’m getting around to ending this post, with gratitude to all who are getting around as best they can, including you!

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61 thoughts on “Day 1104: Getting around

  1. Stalker! 🙂

  2. I Get Around by The Beach Boys came to mind.

  3. People view your post, but not necessarly like it or comment. But yesterday you did alot of viewing with your camera!

  4. Word press stats are useless- I would not worry about them so much!

  5. I wasn’t the one reader yesterday who was obviously the Flash or Supergirl, getting around to all those countries to view you post. I missed your post yesterday and did read today, just to let you know I am not superhuman but in my humanity do enjoy your posts…

  6. Yeah, that one person viewed my bog from a half a dozen countries yesterday morning. Sometime around 2 PM (don’t know the exact time) suddenly a whole bunch of new visitors showed up without any new views associated with them. Usually when WP glitches that bad it means there is a new upgrade on the way in the near future. Oh goody, I still haven’t recovered from the last batch of, a-hmm, cough, cough, improvements.

  7. What I find hard to get around is when I get four visitors and ten likes for a post – how is that even possible?

    • You’re getting around to my way of thinking about WordPress stats. I’m glad whenever it’s possible for you to get around here to comment.

  8. I am wondering how come the electrical outlets got around to be very high on the wall?

    • I got around to wondering that too and THAT was the image that inspired today’s title. I’m getting around, now, to expressing my appreciation for you.

  9. Hmmmm…not sure about those stats, Ann. Is it possible that people could “view” your posts from the Reader, but not “visit” your blog ??? Just wondering. Either way…I wouldn’t be too worried. You have a great blog, that I am happy to “get around”. ☺

  10. I get around too.

  11. I sometimes have that one ubiquitous visitor. How come we both had him/her yesterday? Even more impressive synchronicity

  12. I was the one visitor. I’m working on my transporter and wanted company on the journey! (Love the squirrel bakery photo!

  13. Harley, you’re gullible. That’s one of Grumpy’s gimmicks for getting attention. She’s been offered to become vice-president with Hillmary, or Vanessa Ives’ mascot, Penny Dreadful’s main character.

  14. i’ll visit
    when up
    your way 🙂

  15. How odd. I only had one visitor yesterday too, then around 8.30pm it suddenly went up to 20. Oh well, I suppose WP will eventually get around to making sure our stats make sense.

  16. Sounds like the WP stats have been off… But I like your take on ‘getting around’ and now I’m thinking of the Beach Boys song 😀

  17. I’m getting around to reading this later than usual, but I’m not the world traveler, at least not physically. I only have to go as far as my bookshelf to go around the world–including a collection of Romanian poetry translated by Irish poets. And once at the library where I work I impressed a visitor from Kenya by speaking Swahili to him.
    And you’ve made me think about how much we get around in ways we might not notice at all–so many things we touch regularly come to us from somewhere else, or have connections to far away places. To paraphrase Socrates we are all citizens of the universe.

    • I’m glad we’re citizens of the same universe, Chris. And I used to impress people by speaking and singing in Cantonese. I knew I’d be getting around to bragging about that as I was getting around your comment.

  18. Lena

    I havn’t been getting around good for the last 3 weeks what started as my sciatica has been worse hope to find out Tuesday whats going on..meanwhile have not been to a walburgers yet how is it??

    • I haven’t gotten around to trying Wahlburgers. I just walk by there, impressed by the flames. I hope you’ll be getting around more easily soon, Lena!

  19. I don’t understand the WP state either. Interesting set of photos! You really did get around.

  20. Alice

    Small things, the ordinary perhaps, become extraordinary through your eyes. Thanks!

  21. I expect they’ll get around to fixing the WP issue … In the meantime I enjoyed getting around to you today Ann!

  22. OMG a squirrel with a croissant! I am glad I got around to reading this post Ann!

  23. Thank you for your like
    Wp is wacky
    I would take so much stock in stats
    As always Sheldon

  24. Visiting today and telling you so. Stats can be misleading.

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