Day 1103: I am aware that I am not ____

I am aware that I am not kidding that this post was inspired by this sign, seen yesterday at work:


Yes, I am aware that I am not:

  • Phyllis,
  • Adam, who is now sitting where Phyllis sat for years,
  • a marketing writer any more, now that I’m a psychotherapist,
  • sick with a cold,
  • perfect,
  • as young as I used to be,
  • one to stop growing,
  • responsible for other people’s feelings,
  • writing more than one blog post every day,
  • nervous about my audition for “The Voice” next month,
  • focusing on the past,
  • living with a dog,
  • tall,
  • a delicate flower,
  • a mythological creature,
  • too cold,
  • too hot,
  • in Kansas,
  • in Paris,
  • going directly into work this morning, because of a pacemaker clinic appointment,  and
  •  regretful about the many, many things that I am not.

I am aware that I am not including any other photos from yesterday, yet. I am aware that I am not one to hesitate, once I realize a task is due.






I am aware that I am not a professional photographer.

I am aware that I am not directly asking for comments about this post. I am also aware that I am not unaware that you might have some thoughts and feelings about it.

I am aware that I am not ungrateful to Adam, Phyllis, and all those who helped me create today’s post. I am aware that I am not forgetting to thank you — of course! — for reading it.



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38 thoughts on “Day 1103: I am aware that I am not ____

  1. My dad used to love this sappy pop country song, “I’m not Lisa.”

    Good post. I hope you like not being the things you aren’t. I do.

  2. Funny!

  3. On the song theme, I am aware that I am not ‘A Boy Named Sue’

  4. kellie@writingmoment

    ha ha ha, that is pretty funny that people feel the need to comment on Adam not being Phyllis! I love this post, I think I need my own list so that people don’t have to keep telling me the obvious too 🙂

  5. Hope your pacemaker appointment went well this morning.

  6. I’m aware that I will never be a rock star no matter how loudly I sing in my car! Love this post!

  7. I am not Phyllis either, but I am not without a comment. Have a great day, Ann. 💖

  8. Holly

    I am aware that inspiration comes in many forms and I may take this idea for a post today, as long as you are aware that I am doing so. 🙂

  9. I am trying to be more aware.
    I was not aware that you are not nervous about your audition.
    I bet that Adam is great at not being Phyllis.

  10. You’ve made me aware that saying “I am not…” can be an opening to an infinite number of positive possibilities, and so can saying “I am…”
    And just this morning one of my co-workers asked me, “Are you afraid?” and I replied, “No, I’m Chris. Afraid couldn’t make it.”

  11. Lawrence J. Siskind

    I’m aware that I’m not Lisa.
    (And I’m grateful that Jessi Colter isn’t either. )

    • I’m aware that you’re not reading the comments (see the first one, above). I’m aware that you are not anybody else but Lawry, and I’m very glad.

  12. I am aware that I’m not the nicest kitty, but who is this pooch? He can be my personal bodyguard at the WH.

  13. Fantastic post, and it makes me so grateful for the things that I am not. take care

  14. I am aware that every opportunity to learn and grow starts with being aware! Not sure about that little white furry being squeezed in the basket though ….

    • I am aware that you are very aware, Val. I also wasn’t sure about that furry being, which suddenly appeared in the group therapy room.

  15. Reblogged this on KCJones.

  16. I am aware of you and your wonderfulness.

  17. I am aware that I am laughing. I am aware I am not crying. I am aware the first is better than the second in this context. I am aware this is awkward.

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