Day 1098: Apricity

Yesterday, after appreciating the warmth of the sun on a winter’s day, I learned the definition of the word “apricity” at a taping of the National Public Radio show Says You! in Weston, Massachusetts.

Says You!, according to the show’s official website, is …

…a simple game with words played by two teams in front of live, enthusiastic audiences from coast to coast.  For two decades, we’ve offered our listeners the best quips, quotes and questions that public radio has to offer, all scored to the rhythms of our musical guest performers.

One of the segments of Says You! is similar to the game you might know as Dictionary or Balderdash — that is, people try to choose the right definition of a word among phony-baloney, made-up definitions. Yesterday, one of those words was apricity. 

I’m not going to make up phony definitions for apricity in this post, but I am going to ask you to guess its meaning.  I’ll give you a hint: I’ve already included the definition of apricity, above.

I’m also going to use “apricity” in a real-time, real-world paragraph, as follows:

Up until today, the combination of apricity and the malfunction of a heating system (or any other machine) would cause me significant stress and despair. (For more about that, see this previous post.)

Which of these photos, taken yesterday, are good-enough representations of apricity?

Do you think that the following two photos — which I took earlier this morning before I called for help with our heating system — are  visual representations of apricity?

In conclusion, I’d like to express apricity  — ooops!  I mean appreciation to my son Aaron and my ex-sister-in-law (ESIL) Deborah, who both accompanied me to yesterday’s taping of Says You!; to the witty, wise, and wonderful panel members of Says You!; to the late and greatly missed creator and host of Says You!, Richard Sher; to yesterday’s terrific host, Barry Nolan (who used to be a clinical social worker, like me);  to the New England Gilbert and Sullivan Society (who provided the enjoyable musical interludes during the taping of Says You!);  to the awesomely responsive and reliable Tom Prendergast of Prendergast Oil Company; to Oscar the laptop cat; and to you — of course! — for any winter warmth you bring here, no matter how you define this post.

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56 thoughts on “Day 1098: Apricity

  1. I think the word is not hard to understand but the 69 degree setting (I am guessing here – I can’t see it clearly) does not seem to indicate warmth. It is rather cold 🙂

    • Thanks for the warmth of this comment, on this beautiful winter day. The thermostat shows that it was set for 69 but the temperature in the room was actually 61 — indicating that the heat wasn’t working. It’s working now!

  2. The meaning of: Apricity- The warmth of the sun in winter (From the Latin aprīcitās, noun of quality from aprīcus ‎(“warmed by the sun”).

    Oscar, Ann’s computer is no motif for your apricity.

  3. Learning something today. Thanks!

  4. Will remember this one for my next game of Scrabble!

  5. Oh my, this is a brilliant word. I’m not sure if there is a better feeling in the depths of winter than apricity. The warmth of the sun in winter…brings the spirit back to life and for the past few days I’ve felt it here in Seattle (blue skies and sunshine to put some color into these cold black & white/grey days!). Cheers to an incredible, happy and healthy 2016 for you and your family. Cheers ~

    • The warmth you bring to the world during the winter, Randall, is the essence of apricity. So wonderful to see you and read all your beautiful cheering thoughts. An incredible, happy, and healthy 2016 for you and yours, also.

  6. A new word for me too Ann! Hope things warm up indoors! ❤
    Diana xo

  7. Good morning madam, I believe I’m the one you’re looking for finding apricity.

  8. This one made me laugh a bit, Ann. Glad you got your heat fixed, but I’m about to visit a home that is kept at 72-74 degrees. I like it at 67 in the winter. I’m taking summer blouses !! 😥

    Apricity… a new one to me. Thanks.

  9. Don’t let that cat in, Ann!

  10. Does he have a license number?

  11. Well now that I’ve learned a new word I feel like there was a lack of apricity according to the grey skies in the one picture, and the lack of heat per your thermostat.

  12. I thought is was an early spring getaway. April in the city!
    Thanks for the new word Ann! Very warming 🌞

  13. Cool word (that’s kind of a backwards pun, oh boy – I crack myself up). I love it. I am envious that you went to a taping of “Says you” I enjoy that show very much.
    Hope you have a nice cozy day.

  14. A word I have never heard of and no idea what it meant

  15. Good post, challenging in scope, but, the comments were more fun….

    Re: cat on the lap(top): Oscar, as a descendant of Bastet, a daughter of Ra, the Sun God, IS an excellent representation of ‘apricity’, even if he’s not using a particularly apropos body part to soak up the warmth of the CPU….



  16. Alice

    A good word–says you.

  17. Oscar, you look like such a hunk when you’re angry, come with me to my country home, and there you can write all you like and even sleep on the laptop if you like. In my country home, apricity does not exist!

  18. Why, I would believe you wholeheartedly my child!

  19. Thanks for the wonderful new word!

  20. I yearn for the return of nostalgia

  21. She wants to appear less grumpy, so she thinks your blog helps

  22. Great post! I also miss the great John Ciardi’s “word in your ear.” Google let me down. It only says “the warmth of the sun.” Nothing that indicates the emotion of “warmth of the sun on a winter’s day.” We had a day like that yesterday, in DC. All the best.

  23. Reblogged this on Ancien Hippie.

  24. The photo of the older woman delighted me! I have a book, “Wise Women,” with that lovely woman, Christine Lee, on the cover. I love it. One of my patients is featured in the book, so I got a gently used.copy. The women are beautiful, all being anywhere from the 40s to over 100.

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