Day 1095: Safe Place

What makes a place safe, for you?

That was a topic of discussion in a therapy group, yesterday.


There were lots of ideas shared, in that group, about what makes a place safe enough. Here are some of them:


Even though it’s not perfect, my workplace is definitely safe enough for me these days:

Even when it snows, I feel safe enough in Boston.

Despite my many scary experiences in hospitals when I was a child, I feel safe enough in different hospitals, too.







I hope that last image (from Tufts Medical Center, where I get my medical care) is making this place safe enough for a  New Year’s Eve sing-along.

After three full years of blogging, WordPress is definitely a safe place for me. Thanks to all of you for making it so!

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50 thoughts on “Day 1095: Safe Place

  1. Happy New Year

  2. Happy New Year. May it be a brilliant one!

  3. safest place is in the company of true friends- surrounded by love

  4. Wishing you a happy new year Ann!

  5. Happy New Year..

    I think the safe place should covers safe from natural disaster, malicious acts, environment hazards.

  6. Wow, your use of boards, photos and objects, images – an multi-sensory explosion. How do you do it?

  7. My safe place is either solitude, or the company of people I trust.

  8. Have a wonderful new year Ann. “My courage will surprise you” 🙂

  9. Ann’s blog is an extremely safe place. What an appropriate title for a post!

  10. Happy New Year of blogging, Ann!

  11. This is such a loving safe place to be. Thank you Ann for creating this for us 🙂
    Wishing you a new year of good health, good voice, good food and good times ❤️

  12. Let’s hope we all find our safe space, yet are brave enough to go out into the world and explore it day by day!

  13. I love that in the words, after the first, Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind…. there is a question mark — how delightful!

    And you create the safe and courageous space for people to come and share their thoughts, ideas, feelings, observations knowing, they are safe to be themselves. They are loved.

    Thank you Ann. Happy New Year. 💕

  14. Happy New Year, Ann! I look forward to following your discoveries and adventures of 2016 as they unfold because I trust that you will continue to include us on your journey so gently and generously.

    By the way — I puzzled over one of those “safe space” suggestions until I realized that it said “time for self” rather than “time for golf.” Time for golf had me stumped.

    • I love the way you get stumped and the way you figure things out, Maureen. Happy and healthy new year to you and I look forward to following you into 2016.

  15. amusez798387

    Happy New Year! May the world become a safer place for all.

  16. Ann,

    Safety, or, security, as is so often mentioned today, in Reality, is an illusion. Our only real safety lies in our own relationship with, and, approach to Reality; when we can remove our fears of how dangerous Reality CAN be, we are able to learn HOW to BE safe, anywhere…. Fear of the unknown is only destroyed by knowledge, by learning, and, by not being afraid to accept the answers, if they don’t match our desires….

    Thoreau once said, “No method nor discipline can supersede the necessity of being forever on the alert” Having lived a life filled with danger, I can testify as to the relative truth of this assertion…

    So, any place I am mindful of Reality, alert to its dual nature, and without fear, is as safe as it can ever be, no matter WHERE on the planet it might be…..


    gigoid, the dubious

  17. Hi Ann. My safe place – I have many. In the garden, in my nice cozy bed, hanging out with my puppies and family. Honestly there are very few places in my life where I don’t feel safe. I guess I am fortunate!
    Have a Happy New Year – do you have big plans? Me – no, going to stay in my safe house, with my scrumptious dogs, maybe write a bit, eat something yummy, wear my fluffy socks, go out into the backyard and talk to the owl in the Sequoia. Nothing exciting.

    • Thanks for sharing your safe places, SD. Happy New year to you! My big plans included dinner with my son, a comedy show, and hanging out here — all safe places, for me.

      • That sounds like a lovely evening indeed. I am watching episode after episode of Dowton Abbey surrounded by puppy dogs. Happy New Year Ann!!!!

  18. Look at this animated version of the poem ‘Auld Lang Syne’ made with a drawing of Robert Burns:

    Verse One

    Should old acquaintances be forgot,
    And never brought to mind?
    Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
    And auld lang syne?


    For auld lang syne, my dear
    For auld Lang syne,
    We’ll tak a cup o kindness yet,
    For auld lang syne!

    Verse Two

    And there’s a hand my trusty fiere,
    And gie’s a hand o thine
    And we’ll tak a right guid-willie waught,
    For auld lang sine

    Chorus (repeat)

    For auld lang syne, my dear
    For auld Lang syne,
    We’ll tak a cup o kindness yet,
    For auld lang syne!

    (Should old acquaintances be forgotten)
    (and never remembered)
    (Should old acquaintance be forgotten)
    (For old long ago)


    (For old long ago, my dear)
    ( For old long ago)
    (We will take a cup of kindness yet)
    (For old long ago)

    (And there is a hand my trust friend)
    (And give me a hand of yours)
    (And we will take of a good drink/toast)
    (For old long ago)

    (For old long ago, my dear)
    ( For old long ago)
    (We will take a cup of kindness yet)
    (For old long ago)

  19. Thanks for the ‘safe place’ of your blog to come to, and wishing you all the best for 2016.

  20. My safe place is in therapy. Happy New Year!!

  21. A place safe for me is in my father’s arms ❤

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