Day 1094: If you are lost or need assistance

Yesterday morning, I felt lost and needed assistance,  because snow had returned to Boston:


Why did I react to the first snowfall of the season that way?

  1. I’ve lived in Boston for 62 years and, at this point,  have seen enough  snow.
  2. Last year’s record snowfall was so overwhelming and painful, I was considering titling this post “PTSD: Post Traumatic Snow Disorder.”
  3. Now that I’m on anti-coagulants for the rest of my life, it’s very dangerous for me to slip and fall while walking, and I LOVE to walk, no matter what the weather.

Anyway, no matter what the weather, we can all feel lost and need assistance, at times.  That’s why I noticed this sign at work:


It’s wonderful to know there’s a service ambassador on call, happy to assist me.

Which reminds me of how happy I am that, starting next Monday, thanks to our new “Quick Response” service, I will be there to assist doctors and patients who feel lost and need assistance, immediately.



What do you do when you are lost and need assistance? Personally, sometimes I take photos of my surroundings to ground myself, like these:









Often, when people are lost and need assistance, they fear they are a bother to other people.  They’re not.

Today, I look forward to meeting with people who might feel lost and need assistance, in group and individual therapy.

Here’s another thing that helps me when I’m lost or need assistance: connection to others.  If you think that means I’m hinting that you leave a comment below, you are NOT lost and in need of assistance.

Thanks to all humans who have ever felt lost or have needed assistance, which — I assume — includes you and everyone else reading this post, here and now.


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66 thoughts on “Day 1094: If you are lost or need assistance

  1. A comprehensive and insightful post! Well done! Read my work and share your views here >>

  2. I’m feeling a bit lost since my dad passed away Ann. I guess that’s normal. I sure like the idea of Service Ambassadors! ❤
    Diana xo

  3. This inspiring post, dear Ann, caught me while sitting bed (my favorite place by far!) learning about the different theories for the causes/sources of motivation (Reversal theory by Michael Apter, tension reduction/Clark Hull…. instincts, incen

  4. … incentives, social learning theory eyc. etc.). Lately, I hardly ever feel lost or need assistance, I

  5. Oops, gain I pressed “send” too fast

  6. …again… I am writing from my phone.
    The last time I really felt lost and needed assistance I turned to the emergency ward (about 18 months ago) of our psychiatric hospital ….
    Today, I want to be the one helping those who are list and need assistance – motivated by the gratefulness to those who were there for me and the extreme energies I accumulated thanks to those wonderful souls.

  7. Ooosh, annoying that there’s no “edit” button for comments. I made so many mistakes….
    But you’ll understand me, I know.

  8. Such a great post Ann! I live about 20 minutes from Boston and Post Traumatic Snow Disorder perfectly describes us! Last winter was truly the one from hell. I’ll always remember it for. killing our beloved Pomeranian.😒😔☃

    • Thank you for assisting me today with this kind comment, neighbor. I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved dog. That winter was so brutal.

  9. amusez798387

    Yesterday I fell putting on my snow boots to shovel . Luckily I was not hurt at all.
    When I got up I noticed the boots were still tied together. 🙂 I was lucky.

  10. I’m here to help Madame Ann! Please allow me.

  11. Love the new take on PTSD.
    Thankfully the bulk of the snow is falling in the West this year, where it is terribly needed due to years of drought.
    Plow on!

  12. Oh boy, I think I have some of those in the questions..

    I now no longer like snow that more than an inch or so. Even so, that is a bit too much already.

  13. My hope is that you can stay on your feet for all of 2016, Ann… no matter the weather. ❄️ ☃️ 💝

    • I enthusiastically second this wish (and hope) that you keep your balance and stay afloat and online for all of 2016, Ann.

      I am sorry that you have snow again. Last year’s seemed enough for a decade. My teen and I were shaken (just a little) by an earthquake in Victoria last nigh but awoke to sunshine.o

    • Thanks for assisting me with your beautiful hopes, Van and Maureen!

  14. You can send some snow our way. I never thought I would say this, but I do sometimes miss snow. Snow makes everything look so pretty, clean and white and all the sounds of the city seemed to be muffled. It has been so cold here, in California, I was actually thinking about pulling out my winter coat. BRRRRR!!!!!

    • I really don’t like the cold, so I’m glad I’m not lost in California right now. And thanks for assisting me with another, more accepting perspective of snow, SD.

  15. It can be difficult, especially if you have a history of doctors or other people who should help you refusing to help you to ask for help. I’m glad you’ve overcome that and that you’re sharing with others that it’s okay to ask for help and that help is there to be given.

  16. LOL! I definitely have PTSD; it’s why I live where the last snowfall was, probably, back when only the native tribes lived here, many, many moons ago…. It’s California, but, snow is still a couple hours from here, and stays there…

    I get lost all the time; generally I can find my way back; in truth, I prefer to do so, as most of my experience has taught me, it is when I’m lost, I am most challenged, which is always an opportunity to learn…. When, as does happen, being human, I feel I need help, I reach out to one of the few remaining people in the world for whom I bear trust… none of whom have any medical degrees, sad to say….

    Well, there’s Doc, but, he’s not MY Doc, just a very good friend….

    If we can remember to remember, all the answers we need are at our own center…. which never goes anywhere. It’s only our conscious mind which loses its way; we’re easily distracted by our monkey curiosity…. a lot…..

    Nice pix, and a good post…. It’s good there are ffolkes out there who keep reminding other folks they are actually alright….



  17. It looks like somebody shovelled a path for your car!

    • We have a plow guy. He plowed. He helps us not get lost in all that white stuff around here. Thanks for making another path to this post, Maureen!

  18. Oh that bothersome feeling….. it exists when we need it most to go away. Why help is often not called for. 😦

  19. Anytime I feel at a loss for … whatever … I write. Always have. Cheers.

  20. Pausing and noticing that I feel lost or need assistance is important for me, as I am usually the one who looks out for others and forgets about myself. Connecting to others and having a good laugh always work for me!
    This beautiful scarves would also perk me up no end. 😉

  21. That angel of comfort is wonderful. I can’t bring you sunshine to melt the snow, but I do have a great non-Boston picture of snow in my latest post if that helps.

  22. Judging (in a non-judgmental way) by the # of your photos, you are feeling very grounded and unlost today! Congratulations! I vote for the Angel of Comfort as the new mascot for your Service Ambassadors. Yesterday I was in a gigantic hospital to see one doctor in one small office. The kind lady at the reception desk kept me from feeling lost, disoriented and just plain ignorant. She was an Angel of Comfort! And even validated my parking token so I didn’t have to pay a penny to get out of that humongous parking lot. I’m feeling very grounded and comforted/comfortable right now. Thank you Ann, and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  23. Several bereavements have left me lost; now I am prone to get lost when I walk in the forest.

  24. connecting to others always helps us find our way in the right direction. I LOVE those scarves- and I love PTSD with the s standing for snow – so far we have avoided that s word here, just lots of rain!

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