Day 1093: What are you eating/What’s eating you

The title of today’s post is inspired by:

  • all the people who are talking about food during this time of the year,
  • worries that tend to eat away at people,  and
  • every single photo I took yesterday.

What are you eating these days?  And what’s eating you?

Personally, I’d like to let go of all worries that are eating me. One worry I can let go of, immediately,  is about what we’re going to have to eat during  this week between Christmas and New Years,  what with that enormous baked ziti Michael made for us yesterday. I don’t think it’s eating away at my son Aaron that Michael made that baked ziti  instead of the lasagna Aaron had requested, especially since all the Christmas shoppers had eaten away all the lasagna noodles from the supermarket shelves on Sunday.

If it’s eating away at you, now, that you can’t see Michael’s lasagna, here it is —  in a 2015 video created by Aaron and his friend Cameron (which is currently eating up bandwidth on YouTube and two previous posts of mine, here and here):

It’s eating away at me to share one more thing before I end this post and eat some baked ziti for breakfast.  My use of the word “bandwidth” above reminded me of this exchange I had during a work meeting yesterday:

Co-worker:  We should do it this way because we don’t have the bandwidth to do it otherwise.

Me (raising my hand): Excuse me?  I keep hearing people use the word “bandwidth” in conversation lately and I’d like to know: What exactly do you mean?

Co-worker: Ummm.  It means we don’t have what we need to do it.

Me: Okay!  So it means “resources.”  Thank you!

I also explained, before much more time was eaten up at that meeting, that it ate at me when people used the word “bandwidth”that way,  since “I’m not a computer.”

Then, my manager offered me some chocolate (not pictured), which I promptly ate.

If there are any thoughts or feelings eating at you right now, I hope you leave them behind in a comment.

Thanks to all whose time I’ve eaten up with this post, including you!

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35 thoughts on “Day 1093: What are you eating/What’s eating you

  1. Oh that Ziti looks good.
    I do enjoy it when you photo your day and share them.
    Nothing big eating at me this morning. Feeling pretty zen actually.
    Great post.

  2. If I were to post a comment it would take some days to reach you. So I’d best post it on here

  3. What’s eating me is that I always overindulge at this time of year! Birthday – Christmas – New Year within 2 weeks is tough on the waistline.

  4. Lasagna noodle shortage ? Interesting. But…baked ziti for breakfast, I’m all in, Ann. ☺

  5. The pasta looks great!!! The video by Aaron and Cameron was very avant garde, kind of reminded me of a Fellini film with the coughing soundtrack and the clock at the end. Nothing is eating me other than I had to get out of my scrumptiously comfy bed and get ready for work.

  6. I think the better word for “bandwidth” is the “capacity” than resource. Hope you had a great Christmas. I am not eating anything now but surely looking for something to eat soon 🙂

    • I ate a lot of delicious food on Christmas eve and Christmas. I ate my words when I saw your improved suggestion of “capacity” for “bandwith,” and I used that substitution several times today. Thanks for your yummy and helpful comment!

  7. It’s been many years since I’ve heard the term “bandwidth”, a fact which might eat away at me if I let it, but I’m growing old gracefully. I remember in the early days of the internet some peoples’ statements would be called “a waste of bandwidth”, a phrase that ate at me even when it wasn’t directed at me or at someone I knew. Even from the beginning I knew the internet was all about the free exchange of ideas and dismissing an idea as a waste of space rather than considering its merits irked me.
    It still irks me. Jargon like “bandwidth”, on the other hand, is something I know eats at other people, but I accept it gracefully even when I don’t understand it. It can seem unnecessarily opaque but I think it enriches our language.

  8. Everything looks delish! I’m eating bacon wrapped green beans with brown sugar. Yum!

  9. The pasta looks delicious and full of love.

    I am not a computer, either, but I am worried about whether I will have the bandwidth to post this comment as the Internet connection is poor here and it took quite a while to load your blog. Well worth the wait, though. My youngest and I are inVictoria for two days, enjoying a break from school and soaking up some sun. We bought five pounds of British candy, three graphic novels, two novels, three works of non-fiction, and one shirt, two hats and two slices of pumpkin pie from a vegan raw food restaurant. We are indulging ourselves completely.

    Now to see if this will post….

    • I’m so glad this delicious and full-of-love comment posted. Thank you, Maureen, and I hope your youngest and you enjoy eating the candy and pumpkin pie and indulging in all the other pleasures of your vacation.

  10. I made a lasagna with soy meat and I thought it came out very good, but that baked ziti casserole looks delicious also. 🎄🌅😊

  11. That baked ziti looked divine- right now I am indulging in Talenti Peppermint Bark ice cream- quite addicting I might add!

  12. Reblogged this on KCJones.

  13. What’s eating me is the fact that our caretaker has served me the same dinner 288 days in a row!

  14. Lasagna and chocolate mentioned 🙂 What type of chocolate?

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