Day 1090: What’s ahead

Yesterday, I saw this ahead of my iPhone at my boyfriend’s brother’s home in Norfolk, Massachusetts:


And like this evocative image (which was ahead of me at work last week) (and which is ahead of you, again, if you read this recent blog post) …


… that image of what’s ahead reminded me of my brand new business card.


Before I get ahead of myself, I’ll explain that my new business card is for therapy groups which I hope will be ahead for people outside my usual practice at a major Boston teaching hospital.

What’s ahead, now,  is my telling you that people who have seen that image on my business card have had different reactions, including:

  • “That looks very calming.”
  • “I love it!”
  • “What’s that picture saying about what’s ahead?”
  • “Could you turn that into a bridge?”
  • “That shows a leap of faith.”
  • “I guess that means that therapy is a dead end.”
  • “Congratulations!”
  • “Maybe you should have a boat waiting at the end of that.”
  • “Are you saying that after working with you people will be able to walk on water?”
  • “That reflects the uncertainty of the future.”
  • “Give me a handful of those so I can give them out to patients.”

What’s ahead, now, are these questions: What are  your reactions to and associations with the image on my business card?  If you wanted to convey to people that what lies ahead includes hope, coping, and healing, what  kind of picture might you use?

What’s ahead, now, are these other images from yesterday, Christmas Day:













None of us know what’s ahead for us in the future, but what’s ahead for me might include printing up more business cards. If I do, should I replace that stock photo on my card with any of those photos I took yesterday at three different family homes?

What’s ahead now is simply gratitude for all I encountered yesterday and for all that’s ahead of me, tomorrow.

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35 thoughts on “Day 1090: What’s ahead

  1. Quick question: the photo of the lake wth the dormant volcano across it, is that Lago Atitlan?
    Loved the cat draped around the books!

  2. Your business card image creates a sense of calm, acceptance, and anticipation for me — I see the dock as the metaphor for life’s road that opens up to the broad expansiveness of open water calling me to dip my feet, jump in, relax and simply soak in its welcoming waters or be supported by it as I explore all that life has to offer. 🙂

    Much love to you and yours this beautiful snowy Christmas morning here in Calgary.

    • That should read… day after Christmas morning — it is still snowy! 🙂

      • You create a sense of calm, acceptance and anticipation, Louise, wherever you go. And it is strangely snow-less here in Boston (and a record high spring-like temperature yesterday, for Christmas).

  3. To me, it’s the calm of sitting on “the dock of the bay”. It works.

  4. What’s ahead is a wonderful future to work with Kitty Hepburn, Harley!

  5. I agree with the others. It is a calming vision. I think you had a real reason that you picked that particular scene, and I think it works!

  6. Why not Kitty Miranda? I learned all her steps! What’s ahead is a Chattanooga Choo Choo!

  7. Calmmmmmmmmming!

  8. Maureen

    If I picked up a therapist’s business card and saw that image of a dock on it, I would think that this therapist understands lonely people who have reached the end of what they can do for themselves. So, I would think that the therapist was compassionate and I’d think of giving her a call. I would hope that in therapy she’d help me find the boat and paddles that are, hopefully, just out of view.

    My favourite photo is the one of the cat in the bookshelf. If you ever want to replace the camel in your header photo, that would make a very “Ann” image.

    Happy day after Christmas.

  9. I see the dock as preparing us to take a leap. It leads out to where the water is deep enough to swim.

    I hope you’re enjoying your break, although I’m reminded of the saying that if you love what you do you’ll never work. I think you love what you do and may need the occasional rest but that you’ll be happy to be back helping people soon.
    And of course with this blog you help people daily.

  10. I see it as contemplative and peaceful Ann. Please don’t use the turkey carcass photo this time around. 😬

  11. I hope the year ahead is a good one for all of us. If we work together, just maybe… Happy 2016!

  12. I love your new card- it says the possibilities are endless

  13. Personally, I love the image on your business card–it’s uncertainty but possibility all at the same time, which is how a lot of people feel about the future. A beautiful picture. Happy New Year!

  14. We none of us know what’s ahead, but the future is open to many possibilities. The image on your card says it all

  15. Congratulations on the venture reaching the stage of business cards, Ann! And I’d keep the present photo. It makes me want to put a twist on an old saying. You can invite all of your patients to join you for a series of short walks on a long pier. ❤

  16. I don’t know and I’d rather not know.

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