Day 1086: Hard to read

Yesterday, on my drive in to work at a major Boston teaching hospital, I saw somebody holding a sign that you might find hard to read.


Sometimes, I find people’s expressions hard to read, too.

I hope it’s not hard to read, here, that lately I’ve been thinking that maybe my visions of very large faces who all look very angry might  be faces hovering over me — after I was born with a congenital heart condition — that were actually worried, not angry. After all, grown-up faces can be hard to read, for a very young child.

Which of the following photos do you find hard to read? Which are easy to read?






If anything here is hard to read, please ask for my assistance.

Are the lyrics for this song (which first appeared in my blog post titled “Everything you need to know about the world”) hard to read?

The rules for “The Voice” try-outs (which are not hard to read) indicate that I should prepare five songs to sing in Philadelphia, two months from now.  I’m thinking I might attempt a reading and a singing of  “Mad World.”  I wonder if I’ll be able to read the expressions on people’s faces then.

Thanks to all my wonderful co-workers (who are easy and a pleasure to read), to grownups and children, to red, green, and pink cupcakes,  to all the people responsible for creating “Mad World,” to judges everywhere, and to you — of course! — for reading this blog today.


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25 thoughts on “Day 1086: Hard to read

  1. I can “read” those cupcakes just fine.

  2. Well, I’m sending Grumpy over to Philadelphia, and that’s not hard to read.

  3. The way I read those faces in your post is there is a lot of happiness going on there!! Just last week the school psychologist where I work gave our class(special needs) a “social skills” lesson in reading expressions on people’s faces. Was interesting to hear their answers.

  4. Oh, how I hope you do that song, Ann. It is one of my all time favorites, and proof that a revised version of a song is often so much better than the original. Haunting, beautiful rendition. Fingers crossed. 🎵 🎶

  5. Ann,
    It may at times be difficult to read one’s expression. But by it one can somewhat guess that something is wrong or right. However, it is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If one looks at a room in disarray or one neatly kept, the eye of the beholder will reflect discontent or content. Like wise the state of one’s soul can be determined if one’s eyes reveal a view of the orderly or disorderly.

  6. In spite of the intervening pole I had no problem reading the message on the passing bus: “You’re a grownup. Don’t panic.” There may have been more to it than that but I can’t imagine needing anything more.

  7. All clear here, but for the first pic…. My eyes are getting too old to go that small, & couldn’t find my magnifying glass…

    Love the .gif of the white cat surprising the tabby…. I once had a ginger tomcat who would do that to any cat who came into our yard; I watched him do it, time after time… He was pretty insistent on his territory remaining free of competitors….

    Nice post; I like your style, even if I am all-too-familiar with therapeutic techniques for drawing out responses…. I’ve had extensive experience on the couch, and, in the chair, so to speak….


    Blessed Be, sister

    gigoid, the dubious

    • The sign being held by the man in the first picture says: “Obama and Hilary are the dark side. Let the force be with American on the right side, Donald Trump.”

      I like your style, too, gigoid.

      Blessed Be, brother.

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