1085: Down and Up

Yesterday — at (1) my new office, (2) Cabot’s Ice Cream & Restaurant in Newton Massachusetts USA, and (3) an open sing of Handel’s Messiah at a local church  —  I took these photos, sitting down:

That last photo shows a tulip on the “stupid phone” of Marlyse — a fellow soprano I met sitting down last night at The Messiah.  Marlyse told me that every year a tulip comes up outside her apartment, only to be mowed down by some groundskeeper. In 2014, the tulip stayed up, which she called “the triumph of hope over experience.”

Here are some photos I took standing up, yesterday:



Do things look different to you when you are down and up?

While I was up last night singing Handel’s Messiah, my voice hit all the notes, down and up, including these:


Thanks to my son Aaron (who joined up to sit down with me  for some ice cream at Cabot’s), to Marlyse, to tulips everywhere, to all those standing up and sitting down at the Messiah Open Sing last night,  to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and to you — of course! — for being up for reading this down-and-up post, here and now.

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25 thoughts on “1085: Down and Up

  1. Your office looks spruce Ann!
    Singing the Messiah and eating ice-cream afterwards – Hallelujah! It must have been fun

    • I am up for your compliments, Val, and down to tell you that I ate ice-cream before singing the Messiah, which might not have been such a great idea — some people say that eating dairy doesn’t let your voice go up and down as well as it should. But it was all fun and I’m very up to see you here!

  2. I’m up for sending Grumpy over there, but down to say who else, so many of the kitties want to go and see you, madame Ann!

  3. A cheerful post for this shortest day of the year, Ann, which I’m reading while lying down.

  4. Thanks for such a moving post as I sit here this a.m., Ann. I had the pleasure of seeing the Mormon choir for 4 Christmas seasons, had a few co-workers who were part of it. You picked the highlight number for me/everyone… Messiah. It still brings goosebumps. Have a joyful Solstice day. 💂 👼 💂 👼

  5. I like Marlyse’s spirit.

  6. Your office, Cabot’s Ice Cream, and the open sing all look like wonderful, welcoming places. Not surprisingly I’m reminded of Mark Doty’s poem “Messiah” about the fear he and his fellow choir members felt about their amateur performance of the great work. I love it when he says,

    The tenors lack confidence,

    and the soloists,
    half of them anyway, don’t
    have the strength to found
    the mighty kingdoms

    these passages propose
    —but the chorus, all together,
    equals my burning clouds,
    and seems itself to burn,

    commingled powers
    deeded to a larger, centering claim.

  7. Love it! Used to sing Messiah every year long ago. Probably still could if I could find the score. Sadly I’m in the midst of an asthma crisis that prohibits singing. Getting better though! Enjoy the short week in the new office. Hugs, Sunny 🎄🎁😎

  8. My only comment today is: I want that shirt in the photo, the one with the red and black stripes…. I’d take the joy on the face, too, but, it will find me anyway, eventually….


  9. I came, I read and now I want to go have a sleep but can’t have grandchildren here

  10. Beautiful Music, Yummy Ice Cream, and a Determined Tulip! What a grand story!

  11. Oh one of Santa’s elves left his hat behind! At least he was thoughtful enough to hang it up. 🙂

    Lovely pics and video!

  12. I like the old cars. I’m sitting up this morning. I trust the Messiah gave you good practice for The Voice

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