Day 1078: Unusual sizes

Back in the unusual days when my experience with daily blogging was unusually smaller,  I wrote this blog post about unusual sizes.

Yesterday, while food-shopping at a supermarket that is unusually large, I saw two things of unusual sizes:



I usually notice chocolate, no matter what its unusual or usual size.

Those chocolates of unusual size reminded me of a text-message exchange of an unusual size I’d had earlier in the week with my ex-sister-in-law, Deborah, about the paint color-scheme she’d chosen for my new office of an unusual size:

Deborah: it will make it seem larger

Me:  Okay!  Larger is good!

Deborah: in most situations

Me: Right

Here’s a list that’s unusually small of some things in my life that are unusually small, these days:

  • My fear about trying new things.
  • My hair length.

And some things that are unusually large:

But as my taller-than-usual boyfriend Michael said in an unusually short statement last night:

As the kids say, “it’s all good.”

And various people I know,  of unusual and usual sizes, seem to agree that “it’s all good,” here and now.

Any reactions of unusual sizes to the multi-sized photos I took yesterday?

As usual, there’s room for any comments of unusual sizes from you.

Unusually sized thanks to all who helped me create this unusually-sized post and to all people of usual and unusual sizes — including you! — who are reading it, today.


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38 thoughts on “Day 1078: Unusual sizes

  1. Wow amazing food and chocolate gift packs πŸ™‚

  2. Love the giant Rocher–that really gave me a laugh!

  3. I am so happy that you have a big heart filled with love for all beings!

  4. It is unusual for me to visit here and not smile as I read and still be smiling when I leave. Today is not unusual.

  5. Yummy looking latkes! Now I’m hungry. But as it’s not even 7 am that is not unusual. πŸ˜‰

  6. Chocolate in unusual sizes makes me think of the miniature candy bars that are labeled “fun size”. And yet they never seem particularly fun to me. I’d like a candy bar at least as big as my head. That would really be fun.
    Those latkes look like they’re a fun size though.
    And I hope this is a fun size for a comment.

  7. Jan Woodruff

    That’s a big ball o’ chocolate!!

  8. I’m loving the giant wine glass!

  9. It’s not unusual that Grumpy wants bigger fish, but now she wants fancy koi.

  10. Unusual sizes make it all the more delicious.

  11. Chocolates of all sizes and shapes make me smile – just at the mere thought of tasting them – and I certainly smiled at that giant Ferrero Rocher. It made me say a little ‘Ooh!’ as well! It would pass for an Easter Egg if it were… well, just a little more egg shaped! Haha. I love your post about unusual sizes and the lovely photos you have taken to illustrate it.

  12. Love all he photos!!

  13. I don’t like it when companies put less in a larger box to make us think we are getting more when in fact we are getting less

  14. I don’t know who first put those potato pancakes together with applesauce and sour cream. But I’m so glad they did, it’s a perfect combo. Hope you had a Happy Hanukkah, Ann. ☺

  15. I wonder how big the angry birds are.

  16. I can smell those latkes here in NJ!! Giant size!!

  17. I embrace the unusual 😎

  18. I HATE Ferrero Rocher. An unusually large one is certainly not grand

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