Day 1073: Visualizing

I was just visualizing a post I may have already written about “Visualizing,” here at my camel-staring-at-the-pyramids blog site. In order to help in my visualization, I’m asking myself questions, such as: What would a post titled “Visualizing” look like? What words, pictures, colors, textures,  and other details might it have? How do I see it, in my mind’s eye?

A “Visualizing” post does not yet exist,  here at this adventure-journal-on-wood-background site. Therefore,  I am now in the midst of visualizing and creating today’s post,  which I’ll soon send out into the world (which I’m visualizing as a green and blue sphere floating in a vast blanket of stars).

Yesterday, if you can visualize this, I facilitated a therapy group in my Boston office where people visualized the effects of shame.

How might you visualize shame?

To help you visualize my office, here are some recent photos people have visualized here before:

Here are some ways the group in that office was visualizing shame, yesterday :

  • eyes down and averted,
  •  face hidden,
  • becoming smaller,
  • drawing oneself inward,
  • a child bullied by others, and
  • the colors brown and yellow.

Then, yesterday’s therapy group visualized some affirmations:


Can you visualize your own affirmations? Can you visualize all the effects of believing all the affirmations on that page?  Can you visualize me, yesterday, choosing to recite this affirmation in group?

I am already worthy as a person. I don’t have to prove myself.

Here are three other images I visualized yesterday:


Now I’m visualizing the comments I might get about this post.

Thank you, my dear readers,  for visualizing the possibility of visiting here, today.

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38 thoughts on “Day 1073: Visualizing

  1. Amazing visuals!!! I love the clock more where life has many things to do more than money!!!

  2. I visualized it as a back pack. And I put it down! (Please forgive me for putting this link here but it better describes…… I hope it’s okay.)

  3. I love that clock!! I used visualization when I broke my elbow- even if it really didn’t help physically it sure helped mentally.

  4. I love this post! I used to be in group therapy, and it focused on some of the same things. Was it DBT? We also had a sign for ‘Mindfulness in session.’ The group therapy helped me tremendously. I graduated a few months ago & miss it like crazy. 😦 But this post helped remind me of how wonderful it was. 🙂

  5. Thanks for this Ann! This is where I visualize how I am in my body. Shame diminishes us and not only makes us feel small, but impacts the body in the same way. We can shift our thinking by visualizing a change on our body and then moving into that posture.
    Imagine standing tall like a grand oak tree. Head reaching towards the sky. Arms embracing the air around you and rising towards the sun. Feet firmly planted into the earth. Solid, grounded and strong. As you breath in the warmth of the sun feel the energy nourishing your body and soul. As you breath out, allow yourself to release and let go of anything that no longer serves you.
    Visualization is a cool way to keep mind and body and spirit connected and shift our inner experience 😊

  6. In every one of my college writing classes we were told again and again “Show, don’t tell”. That proved surprisingly challenging for many of us, but I think being told to “visualize” would have helped. I also got in a little bit of trouble for once asking, “Could you give us some examples?”

  7. I agree with so many here…love that clock. ☺

  8. Hi Ann, I use visualization a lot – mostly in parking lots. Someone once told me when they play Bridge, they visualize the placing of the cards and it works. I have been using this for getting parking spaces when I go shopping. Sometimes I entail the visualizing powers of my children and it works, we always find great parking spaces. I tell my boys they can use this skill in all aspects of their lives.
    Once I was busy visualizing a parking space, and I found it, but then just as I was about to pull in, someone from the other direction pulled into the space. I got out of my car and tapped on their window. and said “You have just taken the space I have been visualizing, please leave.” And they did. I think they thought I was nuts. But I got my parking space.

  9. I visualize parking spaces as well.

  10. I think we all need to visualize “less hating” or better to keep mindful of “less hating” these days.

  11. I don’t think I could say some of those affirmations. I don’t think it is enough to have done my best or that I fully accept myself as I am. I feel shame sometimes, but not for failing at not being hard on myself. It is okay that I am not okay with some things I have done.

    But it is still helpful to think about affirmations from time to time. Thank you for sharing them,

  12. I visualize my favorite bloggers, and I visualize a beautiful Ann, living a long. heathy and productive life, with her beautiful family and friends, loving her all the way:

  13. I visualize myself eating this plate…

  14. I think visualising could be represented by a blank page in which you fill in the details in your head

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