Day 1063: Hair and now

A couple of days before now, I put this hairy post up on my Facebook page:

So, I am tired of believing, on any level, that my lovability is connected to how young I look and/or the way I wear my hair. Therefore, I am seriously considering cutting my hair super short and letting my hair color be completely natural. So my profile picture might be looking VERY different, very soon.

Now, the amount of support I got from this post was hair-raising.

Yesterday, I went to see my beloved hair expert, Mia at MiAlisa salon (appearing now in previous blog posts here, here, here, and here). I brought along these pictures of hair:

I noticed this sign at Mia’s hair salon …


… when my hair was this length:


I could still see all the wonderful words on that sign when my hair was this length:

And despite my son Aaron’s prediction that I might judge myself negatively after radically changing my hair, I was non-judgmental when I took these photos last night …

… and I’m still non-judgmental, hair and now.

Do you have any thoughts or feelings about hair, now?

Here and now, I’m grateful to Aaron, Mia, MiAlisa Salon,  Amuleto Mexican Table in Waltham and you (no matter what state your hair’s in now).


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74 thoughts on “Day 1063: Hair and now

  1. I think it is difficult to tell as I have not seen your real photos. Even so, that would be very just my view 🙂 I think we want a different look from time to time as a refreshment. However, I am sure you look great!

  2. It looks wonderful.

  3. My hair is a mess right now. It is always a mess in the mornings because it’s quite long. I have also been thinking of a haircut. really short and punked up. Then I get scared, remembering how MANY years it took me to grow it last time.
    Yours looks great!

  4. Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul but I think hair declares the personality. Although I do think your wonderful new hairstyle draws greater attention to your eyes.
    The best thing about hair though is that if you don’t like it it will grow out.

  5. Wendy

    That looks awesome. Good for you. I’ve often wanted to shave my head and start over. It just gets so tiresome to color every 6 weeks. My gray isn’t that beautiful silver yet. It’s still a bit yellow, and very wiry.
    So I decided to color, until I can gray well, then I’m going for it.

    • Wonderful to see you, Wendy, here and now. I thought about shaving my head this week, too! I don’t know what real colors are in my hair; I guess I’ll find out!

  6. I think it looks great Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  7. It looks great, Ann.☺ There is something so freeing about cutting it short. I stopped coloring my hair on a whim, and I really love it now. There is a lot of silver on top, and black at the back and lower roots…it’s a bit of a salt and pepper mess, but it’s mine. ☺

  8. Jane Fonda’s photo provoked a response in me. She was someone I admired. She is now what, 70 something. What is wrong actually with aging? It just makes you smarter.

  9. Hair-do changes are always good…a fresh look, and a fresh outlook 🙂

  10. I love how it looks! When I was thinking of going short I used the same photos you chose to get an idea of style.

  11. Looks great! It is amazing how important, almost visceral our hair style is. It is the one accessory we can’t leave at home and the style often defines our personalities. So change is a very brave thing to do. Bravo!

  12. Eleanor

    Hair – one of my favorite subjects!
    Ann, your haircut looks great — I hope I recognize you when you are walking around town.
    Every couple months or so when I’m among a group of women the conversation often goes to hair. The topics run the gamut such as how often to shampoo, dry shampooing, going natural, not going natural (my choice for a couple more decades), how short to get it cut, etc. I’m fascinated that in these diverse groups we all have this continuing, common, concern about our hair. The hair ends get cut but never the conversation about it.


    Ann, I think short hair would be beautiful on you. Go natural….or blue or anything! You are gorgeous in any hair style and/or color. Love, Karen

  14. Love it!
    In the hair and now of course. 😉

  15. Great idea to go short and natural. I did so in my late 50s, grew out the dyed hair and its highlights over a period of months, and I’ve never looked back! Hairdressers always tell me that they love my kind of gray that is mostly white on top and gets darker towards the nape of my neck. Several old friends have since followed my lead. One of the best things I ever did. Brown yesterday, then highlighted dark blonde with white roots, to the variegated gray I rock now.

  16. cmblackwood

    Very nice, Ann! I’ve been wondering about cutting my hair short for a long time; but the nearest I could get was trimming a few inches off. But yours is awesome! 🙂

  17. It’s easy to get into a rut with hairstyles. Like you, I’ve had my the same way for years. You were brave and took the plunge – which I haven’t done yet. It’s very true that hair will grow again, so any style you don’t like won’t be forever. But your new style looks lovely, and will be so much easier to manage. You’ve ceratinly inspired me to do something about mine. Thank you, Ann! 🙂

  18. Hair, and now! I kinda wish Grumpy would see me!

  19. Jan Woodruff

    Looks great!! But where are you going to put your colors??

  20. I have never looked good in short hair. I don’t have long hair, and since I’ve been on anti-cancer meds my hair is thin like a baby. And flat. I’m glad you took the chance for a new look. It’s good for your ego — and blog!

  21. This reminded me I need a haircut, and my daughter says a colour, I say no colour I a happy being grey well more salt and pepper but no she says I need to colour it and she says she is going to do it for me when she moves in we will see

  22. My hair is a sort of auburn color and used to be brighter red. It now is shot through with silver, which I don’t mind at all, so I have no plans to color it. But the gray hairs, wowsers are they coarse! And in the summer with humidity, my hair grows exponentially in volume (is that hair or fur???), so I can have completely different looks and the same haircut. It’s longer now than my photo, but I’ve thought of going short again, especially given how good yours looks short, Anne! Good for you for going with the change! We all need a little now and then.

  23. I like to change my hair style from time to time. I really like the example photos you selected–and think that you’d look awesome with a similar style.

  24. Love this post! Still..courage eludes me.

  25. Hair! Aaarrgghh! 🙄

  26. Excellent hair. I have an ambivalent relationship with the length of my own. I like it long, until it reminds me that I am not 30 any more 🙂

  27. Fabulous!

  28. Love the smile on your face with your new hair!! Shows some spunk and it looks awesome on you!

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