Day 1058: Is that normal?

Yesterday, somebody interested in joining my therapy groups  was describing her life, her feelings, her past, and her behaviors, when she asked me

Is that normal?

Is that normal that she asked that question?   In a normal week, somebody — struggling through pain, who has survived amazingly challenging experiences — will ask me

Is that normal?

I guess it’s normal to worry about whether you’re normal.

My normal response is often this:

I hear that you  want to feel better and move on. That sounds normal to me.

Is that normal?

Is that normal to take pictures intuitively, not knowing how I’m going to use them in a post?

Is that normal for WordPress to arrange those pictures that way? Is that normal to wonder whether some of those pictures seem more normal to you?

Normally, I share music in my blog posts. My new normal is to wait for others to share music with me.

Is that normal to feel and express gratitude?  Per normal,  I’m thankful for everything here AND I’m thankful — of course! — for you.


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42 thoughts on “Day 1058: Is that normal?

  1. You made me smile. Thanks!

  2. But then again, what’s normal?

    Hmmmm… normally, I don’t share music because I normally enjoy yours so much but seeing as you’ve invited a new normal, here’s a song for you!

    It’s snowing and wintery here today so this song, by my step-daughter’s boyfriend’s band Ashley Hundred, Cold Weather Heart seemed a normal choice. 🙂 (Andrew is the one in the dark shirt with the stars on it playing the guitar and lead singer)

    • I’m so glad I broke from my normal routine, because I loved seeing and hearing “Cold Weather Heart.” Thanks for sharing this music, normally/always beautifully warm Louise.

  3. Is that normal? But what is normal? Look here a simple and true story:

  4. Normal…a condition that’s highly overrated. ☺

  5. When someone says to me, “Is that normal?” what I hear is, “Please tell me I’m not alone”. But there’s also a great emphasis on being an individual. It’s a balancing act I think so many of us regularly perform it could be called normal: we want to be our own person and yet be part of a group at the same time.

    Instead of continuing to ramble on about that I’d rather share a Beethoven piece performed by Awadagin Pratt, a pianist and teacher who released a CD called “A Long Way From Normal”. He’s originally from Normal, Indiana.

    • I normally feel a long way from alone when I see one of your comments, Chris. Today is no exception. Thanks for the words and the music.

  6. Hmm. I don’t normally think about normal and might have to look up the definition to see if there is math involved. But I know this: all being normal in my life, I check in here every day. Being able to do that feels luckier than normal to me. 🙂

  7. For me, anything that does no harm is normal.
    You are more than normal Ann!
    Paranormal perhaps!?!?

  8. Is it normal that my favourite picture was the cow card? So cute. Just put up a post showing that I have reached 1,000 posts in just over two years. I think I’m abnormal haha.

    • I think you’re wonderful, Alex, per normal. Congratulations on your 1000th post. And the cookie included in this post was inspired by one of your recent posts. How normal is that?

  9. I love the message on the Peace card Ann!

  10. I think it’s normal that the picture of that beautiful salad made me want to add one to Thanksgiving dinner!

  11. I always think normal is a relative term- what’s normal to me isn’t necessarily normal to someone else

  12. Everything I do is normal, and so am I. It’s everyone else who isn’t 🙂

  13. Is it normal to choose the slinky on the picture frame as my favorite? I love all of the pictures in your posts, and these pictures all made me happy. Normally I do not question whether I am normal or the things I do are normal. Does that make me abnormal? The truth is I know I’m different, and we all are. I’m learning to embrace the me I am! Thank you for always bringing light to the world!

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