Day 1057: Phew

“Phew” is a sound of relief.  It’s one of a few sounds I make — to myself and out loud to others — that  I call “comic book noises.”   Another comic book noise I make is “Eeeek!”

Because “Eeeek!” is a sound of fear, “Phew” is a good balance for that one.


It’s a relief to have balance in my life.

When I woke up this morning, I realized I had lived through another  November 22nd.


Now it’s time to think about

  • my new psychotherapy office in Newton, starting on December 1,
  • the holidays,
  • my almost-full-time work at a major Boston teaching hospital where I provide group and individual therapy,
  • my 17-year-old son’s college application process,
  • the increasingly cold weather,
  • blogging every day, and
  • lots of events and obligations, coming up soon.

For everything in that list, I could say




… depending on my mood and my perspective.

I’m much more likely to say “Phew”  if I

  • focus on the present moment,
  • take one step at a time,
  • identify what is achievable,
  • exercise self-care, and
  •  connect with others.

What makes you say “Eeek”?  What makes you say “Phew”?

Do any of my  photos evoke comic book noises?

If I don’t include music in today’s post, will that cause an “Eeek!” or a “Phew”?

It’s a relief (Phew) to thank people, cats, personal produce (Eeeek!)  and you — Yay! —  no matter what noises you’re making, here and now.

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48 thoughts on “Day 1057: Phew

  1. Phew! For a moment I thought Oscar had fled with the Victorian cat Penney!

    • Eeek! Phew! Yay!

      • Can WP disconnect one from a favorite blogger? From the universe? I wondered why I haven’t seen anything from you lately, and, in an odd, cross-blog read (Imagine Publicity), I find your pic! And I see the name of your blog….and you’re not in my reader! Eek! Gasp! I have corrected that mistake and see I have a lot of blogs to catch up on. Good to see you!

      • Eeeek! I fear WordPress disconnects people more than we realize. Yay that you caught that and reconnected with me here, Claudia! ❤

  2. Eeek, you mean, Penney Dreadful?

  3. Phew, she did look her! I’m glad I didn’t go!

  4. Every picture of Oscar makes me saw “Awwww”. That’s not a cartoon sound, though, is it? It’s certainly not a sound I remember ever being used to illustrate one of Batman’s punches.

  5. Eeek, I’ve got to come up with something witty for Ann. Phew, thanks to Boo I’ve done it, cos I was able to

  6. Awwwww. Purrrrrrr. Boo?! Hisssssssss!

  7. I hope you will let us know how some of those things are going. I hope most of them are phew, not eek!

  8. Been saying Phew quite a lot lately around here, Ann. And it’s all good. ❤️

  9. How did you know Penny Dreadful was my favorite show?

  10. I can’t think of a clever response right now, but your post made me laugh. Yay! 🙂

  11. Love those comic book expressions.
    Sending you a BAM! ZAP! POW! BOOM!
    PHEW – that was work!!
    Have a KAPBOOM evening Ann.

  12. Haha! Meow is all I can say…

  13. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

  14. Good one. I can’t tell you how many people with whom I have shared the title of your blog. IT speaks to me.
    Almost as a challenge, could they do it? NAH. Phew!

  15. Yay was my word for your blog. I was thinking it even before you mentioned it at the end.

  16. Whew! (is my go to)

  17. It’s a sound of relief after you’ve taken care of all your legal documents!

  18. Phew! I finished writing my first book. Eeeek! I have to turn my first book over to someone for proofreading.Eeeek!

  19. I am very happy to read of your new awesome exciting events in you and your family’s life. Take care, Ann.

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