Day 1055: It doesn’t matter

When I woke up this morning, I thought of a new t-shirt I’d like to create, which says

It doesn’t matter what this says.

Do you think a t-shirt like that might matter?

Does it matter that I might include this on the back?

What matters is that you read it.

It doesn’t matter that yesterday’s post had particularly low readership.  What matters is who read it.

Does it matter that all this reminds me of my therapy groups, when I tell people that it doesn’t matter what we talk about, as long as it matters to them?

It doesn’t matter that I took all these photos yesterday.

It doesn’t matter how WordPress orders those photos (and WordPress is ordering them randomly).

It doesn’t matter what music I include here.

Because I visited a podiatrist yesterday, I chose “Stepping Out” by Joe Jackson. But what I choose doesn’t matter.

If so many things don’t matter, what does matter?

You. (Thanks for reading!)


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36 thoughts on “Day 1055: It doesn’t matter

  1. I think it matter if you choose or it does not matter if you do not choose. Have a great Saturday.

  2. I think all my classmates in 1958 ‘sat and cried’ when this came out posthumously:

  3. Lovely idea – people matter more than stuff!

  4. Absolutely. It’s the people we love who matter Ann. ❤
    Diana xo

  5. No stairs ?? I’m a bit confused by that sign.☺

    What matters to you is to write what you love. Some will comment, many more will read. No matter. ☮

    • The podiatrist sent me to the basement of the hospital to get fitted for orthotics. There were no windows and no stairs down there. It didn’t matter to me, because all the people were very nice. I love what you write, Van; that always matters! ❤

  6. i don’t mind
    if it matters
    to the heart 🙂

  7. After all your photos taken in a medical setting, I was starting to worry that there was something really the matter. I’m glad you told us at the end that you’d gone to see a podiatrist as that relieved fifteen of my worries. I hope you are okay and nothing is broken.

    I think that everything matters. It is important to pay attention to how they matter, because sometimes they matter in a way quite different than we at first think. Also, it’s important to notice what matters to other people, which is something you do so beautifully.

  8. Queens’s Bohemian Rhapsody comes to mind “nothing really matters … To me. Anyway the wind blows”
    Cue music 👀
    I the world we live in things matter!
    Thank you Ann!

  9. Love your t-shirt idea! And those boots. Were those yours? Ideas matter and so does your blog!

  10. It doesn’t matter what this says. What matters is that you see it.

  11. I am down to nearly zero with what matters – Anthony, Ming, my mother and two brothers. Of course my brothers’ children matter too but I feel too exhausted. Sorry to sound so negative – just tired.

  12. Reblogged this on KCJones.

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