Day 1053: Things I never knew

Every day, I learn many things I never knew.

For example, I never knew there were exactly 100 things I never knew about my  own brain.


I never knew there was a brain user’s guide available for purchase, even though I used to write user’s guides in the 1970s.

I never knew they made peeps for dogs.


I never knew how to weld.


Before I started this blog, I never knew I could write about the coolest topics. I also never knew that writing about something would bring more of that into my life, almost immediately.


I never knew where I could find the coolest looks, before yesterday.

I never knew all the anagrams for the word “cake.”



I never knew it was okay to advertise with backwards letters, even though I had an advertising company in the 1990s.

I never knew people decorated cars like cakes.

I never knew cats liked baseball.


Before I met him, I never knew there was a cat that could be as omnipresent as Oscar.


I never knew my dentist would read my blog, every single day.


I never knew it was the 30th anniversary of my favorite ice cream place


… or that Rancatore’s made a chocolate sorbet.


I never knew I’d work in a part of Boston with so much noisy construction.


I never knew there’d be so many fancy places to live in The Fenway, either.

I never knew I had the nerve to put different colors in my hair …


… or to reveal so much of myself to the world.

I never knew I’d find a dentist’s office that offered hot chocolate, either.

I never knew there were so many different ways to treat sleep apnea.


I never knew that dental devices could be made with a 3-D printer.

I also never knew I had a  thyrohyoid, or where it was.

I never knew there was a town that encouraged people to walk their bikes on the sidewalk.


I never knew that same town had a cafe designed for bicycles.

I never knew that same town had an art walk, either.


I never knew there was a turkey trot in Concord.


I never knew the name of this tree.


I never knew I’d rely on an implantable defibrillator for the rest of my life.


I never knew I’d taste caramel corn ice cream.


I never knew there was a chocolate galaxy, either.

I never knew how many tastebuds cats have.


I never knew that driveways could be so active.


I never knew I’d see so many interesting things in one day, before I started writing this daily blog two years ago.

I never knew I’d find a blogging platform as random as me.

I never knew I’d find perfect music every day, either.

What did you learn today that you never knew?

I never knew there was so much to be grateful for, including wonderful readers like you!


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36 thoughts on “Day 1053: Things I never knew

  1. I never knew I’d ever write a daily blog, or ever read yours

  2. Love the random. I never knew how much until I took a break. Missed your posts.

  3. Luis Del Castillo

    Every single day!… and I never knew I would enjoy it so much!

  4. Just last night a woman in my pottery class mentioned a French poet I’d never heard of. She said, “I thought you knew everything.” That surprised me because while I don’t know what I don’t know I know there’s a lot I don’t know. And while I know what I know I often don’t know with most of it I don’t know when I went from not knowing it to knowing it.
    What I know is there’s a lot I didn’t know before visiting here daily that thanks to you I now know and that makes me happy.

  5. I never knew I would find such an interesting post about things my friend Ann never knew. How is that sleep apnea thing working. Looks interesting.

  6. Who knew they are so many things we don’t know! I love this post Ann 💛

  7. I suspect there are actually many more things that I don’t know!

  8. I never knew a thing about Dengue Fever until I got it about two and a half weeks ago. I could now offer a workshop on it!

  9. I never knew I would fall in love with my favourite blogger’s dentist, who I have never met. 🙂

  10. I never knew I could make a chocolate mousse in 15 minutes until this evening… on the other hand, I might have been better off not knowing that! Lovely pics and your dentist is a treat.

  11. I never knew this cat Oscar was so handsome, and on top of that a writer! I will try to use all my influences to get him to come to my villa!

  12. I doubt it Ms. Antoinette, but Ann would have to approve that.

  13. Love this blog, Ann! I never knew I could get to know someone so well this way. And I’ve missed you, not reading a lot of emails as I tried to keep up with work and other musts while I was sick, then getting sick from the antibiotics I took to get well! Better now, and this post, and Ol’ Blue Eyes, was great!

  14. I never knew how wonderful love could be until I met Marita.

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