Day 1050: So So

Yesterday was so great for so, so many reasons.

I had food that was so delicious at a restaurant that was so, so excellent.

IMG_6917 IMG_6916  IMG_6918IMG_6919IMG_6920IMG_6921

One of those comments is so me and one of them is so Deborah.

So, who is Deborah?  Deborah is my ex-sister-in-law, whom I love soooooo much. (If you so want to see Deborah in some photos from our so recent and so fabulous trip to Edinburgh, it would be so easy to click here).

Deborah is so funny, clever, and lovely in so many ways, that any attempt to capture her so wonderful essence in one so-imperfect blog post is going to fall so short, no matter how long it is.

Here’s a so-fun exchange we had yesterday morning, when Oscar the cat was being so intrusive on my keyboard:

How does 9:30 sound?
It sounds like music to my ears.
You can park in back of our p
Oscar sent that message too soon
You can park in back
if you choose

Ahh over eager kitty messaging
Yes. This is a constant issue.
Oscar also writes his own text messages.
Of course, when I wrote that, he stopped.


See you shortly!

Maybe Oscar has others to text with
Oscar’s messages are very mysterious.

See you soon! And I’ll ask Oscar what “32S” means.

Perhaps an exit on 128?

I just looked it up and Oscar is suggesting that we go to the Burlington Mall.

Yes, Oscar is so so present, so so often.


Deborah is so so talented, she is transforming a small so-so house in nearby Bedford, Massachusetts, into a home that is going to be SO spectacular.

IMG_6922IMG_6923 IMG_6924 IMG_6926 IMG_6927IMG_6928 IMG_6929  IMG_6930IMG_6931IMG_6934IMG_6933IMG_6932IMG_6935

I find it so amazing that houses can be changed so radically.  That’s because my brain is so adept at imagining change for people, and so bad at visualizing change for inanimate objects. Yesterday, Deborah — who thinks she has a so-so memory — remembered this from so, so long ago:  Soon after we first met, during the 1980’s, Deborah showed me her home and said, “I’m thinking of knocking down this wall.” I was so, so surprised, I said, “You can do that?!?”

Why was this so memorable, for Deborah?  Probably because I’m so different from her, in that way.

So what else do I want to say about “So So,” now?

  • I am so, so happy about somebody I’ve know for so long becoming my co-worker so soon (three weeks from today).
  • I am so familiar with how focus on the future can take me out of being so present in the here and now.
  • I had some dreams last night that were so weird, including one where there were SO many canaries roosting in my home.  I guess if you look at this photo I took so recently, that dream isn’t so surprising:


Here are two songs I like so so much that I’m hearing  as I write this So So post.

So, my so dear readers, which do you like better? “Moving in Stereo” by the Cars or Miles Davis‘s “So What?” 

Don’t worry about any comment of yours being so-so; I’m so so eager to read what you have to share.

So what’s stopping you?

I am so, so grateful to Deborah,  Cook.,  the cats, the Cars, canaries,  Miles Davis, and so, so many others who help me appreciate every day so so much (which includes you, I so hope you know).

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35 thoughts on “Day 1050: So So

  1. “So What” Davis rules

  2. Wendy

    So so fabulous!

  3. Future house of Deborah looks so so nice. And, again, your post is so, so excellent 🙂

  4. That house is so, so big. And Oscar what a funny little kitty he is!!!
    Have a great-great day!!!!!

  5. You are so so lucky to be healthy and happy. right now I am so so not. I have Dengue Fever! It is so, so, so not fun. And so I am (again) off to the clinic for blood work. I so hope I do not land in the hospital!

  6. There’s no comparison between The Cars and Miles Davis. Whether one is more enjoyable than the other depends so much on what mood you’re in. It’s the difference between eggs Benedict and pancakes. Both are breakfast foods–or so you might think–but can one really be said to be better than the other?

  7. Ann, I have nominated you for an award. When you have a moment, please stop in to ‘see’ me. All you need is right there waiting for you.


  8. Ann, you know that I do write, I’m editor in chief of The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  9. So so can be good or it can be not so good, depends on the event and how we are feeling at the time

  10. Sounds like more than a so so meal. Deborah’s house addition is also way more than so so. This is when so so transforms into so great!!

  11. I just love those close ups of Oscar- what a smarty to send email and texts. 🙂 And that breakfast looked heavenly 🙂

  12. 🙂

  13. Oscar’s typing looks like what I sometimes see on my screen when I wake up with my hand on the mouse

  14. That cat rocks.

  15. Paul S

    Miles Davis for me. He was so cool, if he was alive today global warming wouldn’t be a problem!

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