Day 1046: Great

When people describe progress and other positive things — at work and elsewhere —  I often hear myself saying


If you think puns are great, we might say I’m great-ful.

Last night, my great boyfriend Michael and I saw this:

I thought that was great that this great cat

has overcome great fear to believe that people are great.

Which of these photos do my great readers think are great?



All this greatness makes me think of the great Alec Baldwin impersonating Tony Bennett (one of the greats) and singing “I Like Things that are Great.” I couldn’t find that great song anywhere  on great YouTube, but I did find this other great Saturday Night Live skit:

If any of my great readers finds “I Love Things That Are Great,” that would be great if you could post it in a comment below. Actually, any comment would be great.

Speaking of great-ful:

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38 thoughts on “Day 1046: Great

  1. I think you are great. You are the foster mom who, with your blog and whiteboard, helps all of us believe that the world is pretty great.

  2. It’s great that I found a link to “I Love Things That Are Great.”

  3. They are all great Ann! Isn’t it great to have so many great things in life? We are great-full 😍

  4. Luis Del Castillo

    Ouch!! I hope that’s not your new car’s rear view mirror! that would not be great

  5. The photos I think are great are the kitties and the books by Thay. I found myself thinking how great if you’re inviting that kitty named Chelsea to come to your house! Too bad about your mirror.

  6. That stinks about your mirror. How on earth did that happen? I especially like the pets with the antlers on their heads. Perhaps I should get some of those for my Great Dane. How great would that be?
    Have a superbly great day!!!!

    • The mirror got scratched exiting a parking lot after we saw a great movie — “Bridge of Spies.” I would love to see those great antlers on your Great Dane, SD Greats I mean Gates.

      • I really want to see “Bridge of Spies” but I can’t get anyone to go with me to see it. Maybe I will go by myself and I can have all my Buncha Crunch to myself. That’s a brilliant idea. Thanks Ann!!!!!!

      • Thank for giving me credit for your great brilliance, SD!

  7. I think BF quote is great!

  8. I see something great in every picture. And in Will Ferrell’s Alex Trebek and all the other impersonations. That makes me worry that I’m diluting or using up greatness but then I don’t think it’s something finite. As the song says, accentuate the positive. That takes me back to an earlier post of yours about how we sometimes have trouble accepting the good and look for something bad in it. That post was great too.
    I hope you find it great that I only just now remembered that the architect of the Taj Mahal included one tiny flaw in his design because he believed it was an insult to God for a man to make something absolutely perfect.

  9. You like puns, Ann, so I confess I have a burning need to inform you that great is an anagram of grate. Also there is, in my view, just one word more greatly abused than great, and that is awesome.

  10. I am Oscar The Great! I hope you find it great that I will be in charge of all therapy groups.

  11. Jan Woodruff

    Love the Guinea Pig with the antlers!!!

  12. amusez798387

    It’s great you are setting up your own office in Newton! Congratulations!

  13. Reblogged this on KCJones.

  14. I am not sure that I understand the photo of the Whoppers and carpet. I’d be great-full if you would explain it.

    • I think it’s great when people ask questions and seek clarification, Maureen. Let’s see if I can provide a great explanation, since I typically just take photos of things I think are great, hoping they’ll be a great fit for whatever topic I think is great, later.

      Somebody at work gave me a package of Whoppers, which are malted chocolate candies. Also, people at work were giving out pens to remind us to Keep Information Private. Both of those great gifts were sitting on my desk, near my oriental rug mousepad, which I think is great (and so do a lot of other great people). I snapped that great still life with great spontaneity. Later, when I was writing about “Great,” I made the great connection that “whopper” means something great and big, so I decided it would be great to include that photo in this post.

      Isn’t life great?

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  16. That cat is great and brave and has only body language to go one. I see lots of good messages for they public-speaking wimp, too. Thanks.

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