Day 1045: Sit down

How much do you sit down, during a typical day?

During the work week, I sit down while facilitating groups and individual therapy. Other people sit down, too, during those sessions.

When I am not sitting down, I am often up and walking around, thank goodness.

Yesterday, I sat down in my car and drove to East Boston to sit down in some chairs for my new office, which sits in Newton, Massachusetts. I want chairs that are (1) comfortable for people to sit down in and (2) easily storable, so other therapists can sit down in that office and use it when I’m not there.

Sit down and see these photos that were sitting on my iPhone:



The chairs I purchased yesterday for my new office — which are great for sitting down and for storing away — are sitting in one of the photos above. If you sit down and think, can you pick the right picture?

As I sit down, these thoughts are sitting with me:

  1. If we stuff down feelings, they will sit uncomfortably inside us.
  2. When situations and people are difficult, sit down and work it through as best you can.
  3. There’s always  time to sit down and breathe.
  4. Sometimes I feel there’s an angry little kid who sits down deep inside, wanting to have a tantrum. Most times, she sits down comfortably.
  5. When I sat down yesterday, this music was sitting beside me:

On the cover of the album where “Sit Yourself Down”” sits, Stephen Stills is sitting down in snow next to a giraffe. That sits well with me.

Finally, stand up — if you can on Veterans Day — to salute those who help us sit down in peace.
Sit yourself down and accept my gratitude for sitting down next to me, here and now.

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32 thoughts on “Day 1045: Sit down

  1. yeoldefoole

    I hope you got the rocking chair with the red cushion. Today would be a good day to sit down in it and shoot the shit with you.

  2. I always sit down and read your posts Ann. Feels good to sit down with you. xo

  3. Facetious …. one of my favorite words. Though I am not being facetious when I say I enjoy your posts whether I am sitting in the car, like now, or standing and using my phone, or lounging on my couch at the end of the day.

  4. I am sitting as I write this but inside, I am standing up and applauding your chairs, your crab cakes, your cat on a chair and your invitation/reminder to stand up and salute Veterans.

    We will be at the Cenotaph at 11 to remember and to stand in gratitude.

  5. I sat down for too long, now there are two incredibly handsome cats in this post and I gotta see that:

  6. Me too, I’m coming!!

  7. Hi Ann, I am presently sitting on my patio reading your post. Those are some fancy chairs, you have. I Especially like the gold ones (they look kind of gold in the photo) with the blue cushions. I also like the argyle socks sitting by the kitty. Very cool!!!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful Veterans Day!!!!

    • I am sitting down now and reading your comment, SD. Those chairs you liked were the ones I bought for my new office! I hope you had a wonderful day, too.

  8. The adult rocker is my guess, cos there is no cat sitting down on it

  9. It surprised me to learn that Virginia Woolf and Vladimir Nabokov were among the authors who stood while writing. There are even standing desks for those with that peculiar proclivity.
    What I’d really like to know, though, is what those croquettes are. They look too delicious to be eaten standing up.
    And the irony of Steven Still’s “Sit Yourself Down” is it makes me want to get up and dance.

    • Darn, I forgot to add that a good friend of mine is a poet who published a book called Never Offer A Chair To A Dancing Girl. The title poem explains that you “Never offer a chair to a dancing girl/because she just might sit down.”

    • Maureen

      I’m also curious to know what’s in those patties. They look delicious!

    • This dancing girl is sitting down, Chris, appreciating your stand-up comment, and letting you know that those are pollock and potato croquettes.

  10. Wait for me, I’m also coming!

  11. Maureen

    Man plans, God laughs, Woman … blogs? 😉

    I can’t guess which chairs you picked, but I hope that they bring peace and comfort to all who use them.

  12. NotAPunkRocker

    I kinda need that facetiousness print for my wall at work. Or home, at least 😀

    • That print was in East Boston, where I bought the chairs. Perhaps I should have made an offer for that, also. We all need facetiousness sometimes, don’t we?

  13. Reblogged this on Ancien Hippie.

  14. Harley has mastered the fine art of sitting.

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