Day 1044: At Last You’re Here

At last I’m here with today’s daily blog post.

At last you’re here to read it.

I heard “At Last You’re Here” by Pat Metheny last night and knew, at last, that today’s blog title was here.

“At Last You’re Here” is a perfect title and song for today, because:

  1. I know my parents said, “At Last You’re Here” when my older sister Ellen was born, 68 years ago today.
  2. At last it’s official that my esteemed friend and fellow social worker Megan will be here with me at the hospital, starting in December. At last we’re here, working together again.
  3. At last, these photos are here from my iPhone:

IMG_6768 IMG_6769 IMG_6772 IMG_6773IMG_6774 IMG_6775 IMG_6776 IMG_6777

At first and at last, Oscar is here while I create these posts.

At my last birthday party (almost three years ago), Megan was here (next to my ex-sister-in-law Deborah):


At last, my sister and I are here:


At last and at least, we’re all here together on this earth.

At least since January 1, 2013, I’m here on WordPress every day.

At last you’re here, at the end of this post.

Lasting thanks to Ellen, Megan, Deborah, Oscar, Pat Metheny, Marie Kondo, and all who are here today, including you!

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29 thoughts on “Day 1044: At Last You’re Here

  1. A friend of mine used to always make me laugh when someone would say to him “We meet at last” and he’d say, “No, we meet at first!” That may not work so well for someone who’s here at last but the important thing is always to be present.

  2. I hope Megan settles in well, as I trust a friend of yours must.

  3. Indeed that is the important thing!

  4. In fact, who writes these beautiful articles? I see that Oscar is working on laptop. 🙂

  5. Lovely reflective post today Ann. So happy to be here at last 😌

  6. “At last” I’ve read your post today. It appears last in my email each day. So I guess I save the “best for last.”

  7. At last I’ve come around to visit you again, Anne and find that at least you’re as fresh and uplifting as always! At most? You rule!

  8. I am here at last to read and comment and let you know that I was here

  9. At last I’ve read your post and the comments. Love the pic of you and your sister!

  10. Jan Woodruff

    I NEED that de cluttering book!!! Maybe then at last I will de clutter my house (probably not). Is that you as a baby Ann? What a cute baby!!

    • I NEED to be called cute, so I’m glad you’re here, at last. The declutter book is cluttering up my office, so drop by sometime soon!

  11. At last, a handsome cat, gotta see this!!!

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