Day 1042: Happiness

In yesterday’s blog post — which I was happy to present to you — we found out that believes that happiness is the opposite of intensity.

Fairness, clarity, completeness, and closure are elements of happiness for me, so let’s see if thinks “intensity” is an antonym of happiness.

It does not. Instead,  it lists these:

depression, despair, discouragement, displeasure, dissatisfaction, gloom, melancholy, misery, pain, sadness, trouble, unhappiness, upset, woe, worry

Does what does —  or does not do —  get in the way of my happiness today?

It does not.

What might get in the way of my happiness today?

  • When I was leaving the parking  garage of the movie theater where Michael, Aaron, and I saw Bridge of Spies last night, I scraped some happy yellow paint off the side mirror of my car, which has been providing me with lots of happiness.
  • That’s all I can think of, in the moment.

To me, that is  happiness — waking up in the morning thinking of only one minor, fixable barrier to happiness.

I’m sure if I spent more time, right now, thinking about past experiences of or future possibilities for

depression, despair, discouragement, displeasure, dissatisfaction, gloom, melancholy, misery, pain, sadness, trouble, unhappiness, upset, woe, worry

… I could come up with lots more.

Instead, I’m going to share the music I was singing out loud yesterday and images I captured, with happiness.

IMG_6642 IMG_6643 IMG_6645 IMG_6647IMG_6648 IMG_6650 IMG_6651 IMG_6652 IMG_6653 IMG_6655  IMG_6656IMG_6658  IMG_6666 IMG_6667 IMG_6669IMG_6670 IMG_6674 IMG_6682 IMG_6683IMG_6684 IMG_6685 IMG_6687IMG_6688IMG_6689 IMG_6690 IMG_6691IMG_6692 IMG_6700 IMG_6695 IMG_6701 IMG_6703 IMG_6704 IMG_6705 IMG_6707 IMG_6708IMG_6709IMG_6716

In my previous blog post quoting Pharrell William’s “Happy,” I wondered what he meant by a “room without a roof.”


Now I know.

What might contribute to your happiness today?

As always, it gives me happiness to express my thanks to all who help me create my posts and to all who read them (including you!).

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23 thoughts on “Day 1042: Happiness

  1. I love your photos today. My happiness will come with the visit of our grand daughter and celebrating our oldest daughter’s birthday. It’ll be a mini family reunion and very good friends will be seeing the baby for the first time.

  2. That is it. One of your picture answers your question – the cat picture with “Give Cheer to your best friend”.

  3. I’m all for happiness! Have you got a “Happiness” folder for all those great photos?

  4. amusez798387

    Happiness is contagious.

  5. Happy Dance! Pharrell always get me going 💃🏻

  6. I think happiness is being busy doing something you find meaningful. Intense happiness is doing it with or for somebody you love.

  7. This is for you Ann:

    • I like the bow tie too! Going back to the song “Get Happy”, she sings of a “judgement day”. I suppose she means when one gets things done with a good positive attitude.

      As to the whole ‘happiness” theme, I believe it’s ephemeral. It is a feeling of well being, but it’s also letting it go like Val has said before, because one needs to stay neutral and mindful al all times, for one’s own protection.

    • Judy Garland, bow ties, cats, Maria, and Maureen — all of these contributed to my happiness today.

  8. Apparently,the right bow tie looks amazing in a cat.

  9. I’m happy to say I really like your photos today, especially the grass against the graffiti backdrop. Perfect palette.

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