Day 1041: Intensity

Yesterday, as I was driving my intensely yellow car through the intensity of Boston traffic, I saw this:


In the intensity of the moment, I realized  that Intensity Spray Foam contained the intensity I’d like for my next blog post.

Here are are my thoughts, right now, about “intensity”:

  • People often come into therapy because of the intensity of their feelings.
  • Intensity can be uncomfortable and enjoyable, too.
  • Personally, I prefer intensity to its opposite.
  • To me, the opposite of intensity is numbness or dullness.
  • The intensity of includes this definition of intensity: passion, force.
  • also lists these synonyms of intensity (without the intensity of alphabetical order):

anxiety, concentration, depth, earnestness, emotion, energy, excitement, ferocity, fervor, fury, magnitude, power, severity, strength, vigor, acuteness, ardor, deepness, emphasis, excess, extreme, extremity, fanaticism, ferociousness, fervency, fierceness, fire, force, forcefulness, keeness, might, nervousness, potency, sharpness, strain, tenseness, vehemence, violence, volume, wildness, high pitch, intenseness

  • 27 out of 42 of those intensity synonyms seem intensely positive to me. The intensity of my math skills tells me that “intensity” is therefore 64% personally positive.
  • I am intensely curious why “passion” is not listed as a synonym of intensity.  Including “passion” bumps up the intensity of my personally positive percentage to 67%.
  • Ready for the intensity of intensity antonyms, according to

apathy, calm, calmness, ease, enervation, happiness, idleness, inactivity, lethargy, unimportance, weakness, powerlessness, dullness, laziness, moderation

  • 7 out of those 15 words seem intensely negative to me, so the intensity negative percentage, for me, is 47%.
  • “Numbness” is not listed as an antonym. Including that increases the intensity of my personally negative percentage to 53%.

What are your mathematical and/or non-mathematical reactions to “intensity,” right now?

I can’t hold back the intensity of this thought:

Who — besides somebody at — thinks that the opposite of intensity is happiness?

Here’s the intensity of my first, tentative answer to the intensity of my own question: Buddhists, perhaps?

Which of these photos — which I took in the intensity of much warmer than average temperatures yesterday — contain the most intensity, for you?

IMG_6586IMG_6590 IMG_6588


IMG_6594 IMG_6595 IMG_6597IMG_6599IMG_6600 IMG_6601 IMG_6604   IMG_6612IMG_6614

IMG_6615 IMG_6616 IMG_6617 IMG_6618IMG_6619 IMG_6623IMG_6624IMG_6625 IMG_6628 IMG_6633 IMG_6629

I hope you enjoy the intensity of this tune, which I heard while I was pondering intensity, yesterday:

I like the intensity of Kurt Elling‘s voice interpreting the intensity of “Minuano,” by Pat Metheny (whose music I’ve adored, with intensity, since the 1970s).

It just occurred to me, with intensity, that I don’t know what “Minuano” means. Maybe that definition is related to “intensity.”

A cold southwesterly wind of southern Brazil, occurring during the Southern Hemisphere winter.

Oooh.  Intense.

I hope you can imagine the intensity of my gratitude for all who helped me intensely create this post and for you — of course! — for experiencing its intensity, today.

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41 thoughts on “Day 1041: Intensity

  1. My math skill is not intensely good to tell much about the percentages of my reaction now 🙂 From the pictures about, I think the Black Friday is the most intense one for me. I am looking for good discount for my toys 🙂

  2. I think passion isn’t a synonym because it is a clear feeling and intensity describes the amount of something. But it’s opposite happiness? Intensely absurd.

  3. The intensity of a Passion Flower:

  4. It is intense! Great idea.

  5. imaginably intense 🙂

  6. I think of bright bold colours when I think of intensity. I guess that’s the artist in me. I think you can have intense happiness and intense passion.

  7. I love the intense blue and green in one of your photos and also the one if the glass door with the cool green light glowing beyond it.

  8. I am curioue, although not intensely so, about the construction site. Is there a point to inviting comments on the effects of construction once the project is underway?

    These days, I am trying to steer my intensity towards useful channels, and some milder emotion other places.

    • Those two paragraphs were not intended to follow one from the other, by the way. Unrelated musings. It’s just that I had wondered about that construction sign in a previous post.

    • The intensity of your logic is undeniable.

      • But, I really am curious!/ Not being from the area, I do wonder about that consultation process. I’m sure it must be an effective one. I just don’t grasp it. Here, once the shovel hits the ground, it’s a done deal. But there, maybe there is ongoing consultation? You can get them to shift to the left a little if it blocks your view?/Or maybe it’s just for noise complaints?

      • I love the intensity of your curiosity, Maureen. Despite my own intensity, I don’t know the answer to any of your fine questions.

  9. What’s the big deal about passion?

    • It’s intensity, Harley. I think you’re very intense!

      • Maria, I’m intensely curious. Where do the cat photos come from? Do you take them? Are you a cat photo artist?

      • Harley and Oscar are avatars that come from Ann’s pictures. Cats with wigs on are not mine, but they have been given credit in earlier posts when they were posted initially and bigger in size. They were also Photoshopped initially. Once made into avatars, I no longer have to continue giving credit because of the size. I just liked these so much because one is an older female cat, another is a younger one, and they represent a fictional cat world. The “Grumpy” cat ones I Photoshop. The Grumpy character is continually Photoshopped with different mimes and costumes. Many of these cat images are Photoshops in the first place, so they are used and re-used, to trace the originals is nearly impossible. I Photoshop animals when I have time. I have plans for my dog but I stick to cats in this blog because of Ann’s cats.

    • Oscar has a quiet intensity.

    • I’m enjoying the intensity of the communication between Maria and Maureen.

      Maria, I say this with intensity: please do not hesitate to post photos of your dog in my blog. I would intensely love to see them.

      • Thank you. Well, it will be easier because the dog is mine, whereas with cats, I have to look for pictures and reuse them since I don’t own a cat. But you’re such a cat oriented person!

      • Although my liking for dogs does not have as much intensity as my love for cats, I would intensely like your dog to show up here.

      • Okay, thanks Ann.

  10. Now this is an intensely intense post Ann. Time for the opposite … Just let go 😉

  11. Loved how you intensely captured some intense thoughts through your lense.

  12. Life can be intense:

  13. I like it! You write with such intensity about intensity, that everything becomes extremely intense. Looks like your middle name is Intensity 🙂

  14. An old friend of mine would go with your preference for intensity. You don’t get much more intense than he was. He said that the worst thing anyone could call him was boring.

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