Day 1037: Candied

Dear sweet readers,

Can you guess why today’s post may be Candied?

Many of us, this time of year, buy too much candy for Halloween, and get candied ourselves.

IMG_6499 IMG_6500

Candied, indeed.

Yesterday, many sweet people in therapy talked about eating candy (among other things) and how that made them feel.


All that sugar activated my sweet tooth, so  I tried getting candied …


… and got cookied, instead.

As I suggested to others throughout the day …


… mindful eating includes recognizing slips and self-forgiveness. Our self-worth is NOT dependent on what we eat or how we look.


By mindfully letting go of the extra sugar I’ve been eating lately, I was able to notice and appreciate other sweet things around me.

IMG_6489 IMG_6491 IMG_6492 IMG_6497

Now it’s time to share some sweet music in this candied post.

Candidly, I chose today’s title partly because of this:

The Candide Overture by Leonard Bernstein is here on YouTube, with over one million sweet views.

What are your candied thoughts and feelings, now?

Sweet gratitude to all who helped me create this candied post and special thanks to you — of course! — for bringing your sweet self here, today.

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34 thoughts on “Day 1037: Candied

  1. This was the kind of sweetness I need right now.

  2. Sweet post, Ann. We had zero trick-or-treaters this year. That’s down only slightly from years past. Still, my dear wife Karen is dealing with leftover candy syndrome.

    If only we heard that “knock three times” of the costumed.”

  3. Candide vs.Candied…sweet comparison, Ann.

    We had 50 Trick or Treat visitors this year. The whole neighborhood cut the lights when the World Series came on at 8 pm. ☺
    I always give away bags of chips/pretzels; this year…Famous Amos cookies. If I give out candy, I always buy too many and eat the leftovers.

  4. Savoury for me, every time.

  5. It was so sweet to find Candide here because as a fellow former English major I knew you would refer to Voltaire’s novel and as a lover of music I hoped for a little of the opera.
    Sometimes the sweetest things contain no calories at all.

  6. Hope you have a sweet day, Ann.

  7. Candide is rip-roaring sweet. Just like this post!

  8. Candide is this blog with you in it every day Ann!!!

  9. Sweet cat picture!

  10. Harley, Harley! You’re sweet as cotton candy!

  11. Harley is more like rock candy!!

    CC BY-SA by Evan-Amos

  12. The goal is to become as solid as rock candy, so you stand strong enough to savour the sweetness!

  13. Leonard Bernstein has always been one of my favorites! Thanks for the memories!

  14. I gave my leftover candy to my daughter’s boyfriend. I couldn’t have it in the house. I stress ate a bag and a half the week before. This is not typical for me. Like many, I damned myself for caving and tried to rationalize my overeating due to ‘this or that.’ Soooooooo, to all who had a similar pity party, let’s go back and read the whiteboard. Our self worth is not wrapped up in the empty packages of our aftermath foray. Let’s forgive ourselves and thank Ann for reminding us that we are worthy of loving ourselves in spite of consumption of all those luscious treats we really DID enjoy.

    Thank you, Ann. ❤️

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