Day 1032: Not There

In my therapy groups, people often express concern about the people who are not there. In response, I invite them to focus on the people who are there, including themselves.

I understand how those who are not there can overshadow those who are there. For example, this morning I spent some time wondering and worrying about people who used to show up regularly in the comment section of this blog, but who are not there. I can focus a lot on the people in my life who are not there (like my late parents) rather than the people who are there.

I am going to follow my own advice, today, and focus on the people who are there, including myself. I believe this will serve me well, as I

  1. give a presentation on my groups to my fellow social workers,
  2.  run two therapy groups,
  3. sit with people who are there for individual therapy, and
  4.  check who has visited this blog, throughout the day.

What might help me focus on what is there, rather than on what is not there?

Mindfulness — the practice of being as much as possible in the moment — helps me and others focus on what’s here and what’s now.


What’s there, in that photo?  Those leaves — which are not there on trees any more — are going to help me and others be mindful of  what is there, throughout the day.

There are lots of things I saw yesterday which are not there on my iPhone. Here are the photos that are there, here and now:

IMG_6341 IMG_6342 IMG_6343 IMG_6344 IMG_6347 IMG_6355 IMG_6357 IMG_6360 IMG_6361 IMG_6364 IMG_6365 IMG_6366 IMG_6367 IMG_6368


What music do you expect to be there, now, in this post?  While “Stairway to Heaven” and “Born to be Wild” could easily be there, I’m choosing this song, instead.

Just in time for Halloween, the Zombies are there,  with “She’s Not There.”

Thanks for being there!

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50 thoughts on “Day 1032: Not There

  1. Here, with enthusiasm!

  2. kellie@writingmoment

    And here I am 🙂 Lovely post again Ann, for some reason I really love looking at those leaves.

  3. Bob Dylan biopic ‘I’m Not There’. He never was, and was played by various others, including the brilliant Cate Blanchett.

  4. Wendy

    Good points all around and fun photos. 😊

  5. Thank you being there Ann!! Love the photos that are there today 🙂

  6. yeoldefoole

    boo, dear lady!

  7. I loved the Zombies before it was cool to love zombies ! Great song. I too have noticed, lots of bloggers are just “not there”. It’s a season of transition. No doubt, many will be back. ☺

  8. (waving) Present! Sometimes all I I have time for i

  9. Well drat! Big fingers little buttons on phone. Sigh.

  10. I’m here but I’ve been told I’m never really “here” because my mind is always somewhere else. Perhaps that’s why no matter where I am it’s unfamiliar territory.
    And that may be why as much as I love The Zombies the piece of music that came to mind was the version of “Also Sprach Zarathustra” as arranged by Eumir Deodato, which you may recognize from the Peter Sellers film Being There.

  11. Here because I love being here!

  12. Hi Ann, it’s me. I am here, I am not not there. Hope all is well. It is looking kind of chilly in your neck of the woods. Brrrr!!!!!!
    I hope you have a lovely, being present, kind of day!!!!!!

  13. Happy to be here.

  14. I, too, am happy to be here after not being here because I was there for so long. I also see some wonderful things in your photos: A cheery, colorful, welcoming and affirming door quilt! The complete (?)absence of snow in Boston! Cattitudes galore! Humor in hi, Boston! I could go on and on but will not.
    So happy to be here today instead of there.

  15. All that matters is that YOU are here Ann, that is very pleasing!

  16. I’m still here, so long as I’m here. A Happy Halloween, Ann!

  17. It’s lovely to know that you are here, Ann, and have written another great post. I just popped over here to read your post, and decided to let you know that I’ve enjoyed being here and not there, or anywhere else at this moment. The Zombies…a great name for Halloween. I used to love their song, She’s Not There’, many moons ago.

  18. I’m here and glad you are too! Such good advice. Sometimes it’s just a gentle nudge.

  19. Ha! “Have you hugged your pest management professional today?” That is something to think about, all right.

  20. The first image is a beautiful macro here, and not there.

  21. Not there is what a Pilipino gets for dinner when his Pilipina wife serves him “tampo”.

  22. I like your advice on focussing on the ones that are present.
    Yo, Ann K
    I’m here now
    I see you
    Take a bow!

    They say Ann K
    She’s not there
    We are here
    It’s 🆒!Take care!

    All present and accounted for Ann! 🤗

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