Day 1029: Webs

I wonder how many webs I can spin into this post about webs?

O, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!

If you weave around the web, you’ll easily find who wrote that quote about a tangled web.  In the web of my memory, however, I associate that web quote with my late mother,  who married my late father on today’s date, October 26. Both my parents practiced and valued honesty, above all.

One time I can remember weaving a web of deceit about my parents  was when my sister and I tangled together a surprise anniversary party for them, decades ago. Let’s see if I can spin an image from that surprise party into the web of this post.

While I spin all my custom t-shirts through the web these days, back then my sister and I used other means to weave my parents’ wedding photo onto those t-shirts.

Yesterday, I saw these webs:


O what a tangled web I weave on WordPress, every day.

What music from the web should I weave into this post? I could choose something written by prolific songwriter, Jimmy Webb.

All I know, honestly, is that today I want to share this song, which my father sang for my mother at another anniversary party.

My web of gratitude today embraces my parents, my sister,  Jimmy Webb, George and Ira Gershwin (for “Love is Here to Stay“), Art Garfunkel, Ella Fitzgerald, and you — of course! — for whatever spin you put on this post, here and now.

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31 thoughts on “Day 1029: Webs

  1. kellie@writingmoment

    Oh, so lovely of you and your sister. What wonderful memories you wove (is that a word?).

  2. You have spun a lovely web.

  3. Thank you for reminding me…. My mother used to say that, too.,As far as I know, I’ve never said it to my kids.

  4. Even though I enjoyed the web you wove to plan a surprise anniversary party for your parents I’m chuckling at the thought that there must have been other times you wove deceptive webs they weren’t so happy about.
    And also glad you successfully unwrapped yourself from whatever entanglements you got into.

    • I didn’t weave many deceptive webs — too much work! My mother always said, “Honesty is the best policy,” and I think she was right, for lots of reasons. Thanks for unwrapping this very successful comment, Chris.

  5. So happy to have read your post today Ann. I am grateful for the web we share 🌐

  6. Some people weave a tangled web around themselves, I am not one of them me you pull a thread and everything comes apart

  7. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

  8. Not only did you weave a beautiful tale of love, you caught me up in the beautifully woven lyrical sound of Art Garfunkel.

  9. What a lovely, woven disentanglement, Ann!

  10. Beautiful tribute! That Art Garfunkel song is dear to my heart.
    Blessed memories to honor those who mean and meant so much. I am so glad I found your web. ☕️❤️

  11. A good web may also, sometimes, feel like a safety net.

  12. You had me at “All I Know”…the beauty of this song. I cry. every. time. I’m glad you shared it, and all I know is that I’m happy when I go back and read a day’s posts that I missed. Just to find things like this. Thank you, Ann ❤️

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