Day 1027: Blanks

I’m drawing a blank, this morning, on what to write about.

Perhaps I’m drawing a blank because — instead of blanking out and relaxing, the way I usually do on a Saturday — I’ll be attending a retreat of group therapy leaders.

Perhaps I’m drawing a blank because I know that my mind might go blank, today, when it’s my turn to speak.  Even though I’m experienced in groups, my mind can go blank (especially if anybody in the group has a blank expression).

Perhaps I’m drawing a blank because I saw these, yesterday:

IMG_6239 IMG_6240

I also saw this yesterday:


If you’re drawing a blank for the answer to “Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?” just fill in these blanks:

_ _    _ _ _ _

If nobody fills in those blanks, I will do so  later (after I return at ____ o’clock from the all-day group therapy retreat).

I’d like to find the words, now, to express how difficult it’s been to insert blanks into this blankety-blank post, but my mind’s a blank.

Was I shooting blanks when I took these other photos yesterday?


IMG_6233 IMG_6238

Here’s what somebody whose name is _____ said, last night, about “Poverty is unnecessary day.”

Next month, perhaps Whole Foods will be advertising “cancer is superfluous day.”

When I tried to reply to that, my mind went blank.

What music makes your mind go blank?

Please fill in the blanks below this post with a comment, even if your mind’s a blank.

I’m drawing a blank on how to end this post, so …


106 has a lot of blanks, doesn’t it?

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25 thoughts on “Day 1027: Blanks

  1. My Dad’s favourite joke: ‘Unnecessary, spell it’ . Skeleton: No feet

  2. Drawing a blank must be unfamiliar territory for you. But isn’t nothing still something? In the same way we know the unknown even if we don’t know what it is.
    I’m filling in the skeleton blanks with other skeleton jokes: a skeleton walks into a bar and asks for a beer and a mop. And there was a cartoon I once saw of a group of skeletons at desks. A cleaning woman has fainted. The caption is, “The old skeleton crew joke works again.”

    • Drawing a blank must be unfamiliar territory for you, too, Chris. And, you’re right — nothing is still something. Here’s an old therapy rule: “Don’t just say something. Sit there.”

  3. I am also drawing blank 🙂 I think the Skeleton has no eyes.

  4. I’m sitting on the brink of a blank right now – a poetry workshop with a writer I don’t know, a dozen people I’ve never met – I look forward to how it fills itself in 🙂

  5. I never thought you’d draw a blank. You always seem so full of ideas. Love that Massive Attack song. Blank Space by Taylor Swift is my blank song.

  6. Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road? She didn’t kneed to.

    • It would have been a tough jawb.
      (That’s a cheeky question! But I won’t rib you about it.)
      She didn’t want to shoulder all that responsibility.
      She wanted to blow this joint.
      It was no skin off her nose.
      Somebody toed her not to.
      I don’t have a ghost of an idea.

  7. Skeleton – I’m dead, or maybe No need, or maybe….hmm……I’m drawing a blank.
    Sometimes a blank mind is good thing, right? Like my Mum always says, “Sometimes me sits and thinks and sometimes me just sits.”
    Have a lovely day filled with beautifully nebulous thoughts and free of stress!!!!

    • I had a lovely day filled with beautifully nebulous thoughts and free of stress, SD! You filled in the blanks just right.

  8. I think you were drawing a blank this morning that you’re so brilliant and were honouring everyone with your presence at that meeting.

  9. I can only say the little yellow car looks like it’s hiding…

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  11. Even a blank is not blank. Oooooh – that’s deep. LOL
    Hmmm.. Poor Skele.
    Why didn’t he cross the road?
    No Road

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